You learn from what's killing you.

April 28, 2011


It's the last Saturday of the month already...

so ride, drive, walk, pedal, run. I don't care!

Come down, hang out!


Good food, good fun.

Santa Fe Importers
1401 Santa Fe Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90813



she knows how to use them...

oh god i made a ZZ Top reference...

April 27, 2011


Stryker Vest

So... Icon sent me this Stryker Vest to try out.

After i took this pic of Bridget Blonde wearing it, I have been wearing it. It takes a little getting used to, I'm gonna give it a chance as an objective journalist..

Wore it riding up to LA last night and its a killer wind break under my jacket. I'm a total pussy about being cold and the only part of me that gets cold is my chest. This deal completely fixes that...

more to come...

Ok, what the fuck.

I have always had the feeling that when you ride a bike you are trying to be "In the wind"
(pardon the quote) but its true. On a motorcycle you are out of the protection of a car. You are out there IN the elements, not hiding from them.
This brings me to two things that i just don't get. Windshields and those stupid fucking skull face bandanas that all the "would be badboy bikers" wear.
Ok, windshields, I hear people who want a windshield because they dont want to feel the wind on the highway. Why the fuck not? Can't hold onto your bike? scared of being blown off? Lame. Now I am not necessarily talking shit about bagger riders. Its mainly the guys with the dynas and sportsters that want giant windshields for when they ride anywhere but the local starbucks. and no I don;'t mean the SOA quarter fairing on your "gang bike" either. Those little fairings are the only ones that really are worth a shit.
People complain about the wind hitting them in the face. come on, drive a car if you have that problem. Don't hide behind a ridiculous little piece of plastic.

ok now it brings me to the stupid skull bandanas and all the various versions of them. First off if you are an outlaw of some sort and you want to hide your face, sure they work for you, but they still suck. The weird thing is how its in the 80's or hotter here in so cal and people wear them damn things all year around!!! Ok if its cold and you want to be warm, sure wear a face mask or a bandana. but if thats your fucking fasion statement!?! wow, you suck.

ok i know that SOME guy is sitting here reading this saying "Dude, you are full of shit, you wear a full face!" yup, sure do. I'm doin it coz if and when i hit the pavement again, i want to keep my face. that stupid bandana with your skull cap helmet aint gonna do shit for your looks...

ok i was gonna post pix, but i'm not in the mood now...

April 22, 2011

the other side of Ola's bike

people say that this isn't the "photo" side of a bike.
some bikes, like this one, every side is a photo side!
BIG pic too

OLA!!! what are you building now!?!

Yes sir.

The other Epic Swingarm shovel.

Built in Sweden

by Ola Stenegard
I left the pic huge coz there is a lot of stuff you might miss otherwise...

Lookie what I got!!

Fresh from the printers!!!

Thanx Mark! he will have them for sale on his website after this weekend!

Satan's Dream

Built in Sweden by Joachim Krantz

Something completely different...

Ok, so, if you look at my blog on a regular basis, you have noticed that I have been photographing women in various states of undress and in fetish related situations for the past couple of years now in addition to making motorcycle parts.

I love doing it.
and one of the neatest parts of it is that fact that I get to meet really fuckin neat people!
Like Miss Crash

and Ms Jane Jett

The two of them run a studio in a downtown LA loft that has "Interesting" stuff going on..

Their Grand Opening of their Studio Servitu is this coming weekend. Saturday night to be exact. There will be some really neat stuff going on that you just don't get to see. So, if you can make it down, RSVP and go.

I promise it will be a night not to miss.

April 20, 2011

The Shrimp Boat Captain!

My Pic for the Hippy Killer Hoedown!

Which, I might add was a killer time!!! Thanx to Kutty and his whole team for putting it on!!

Long Beach!

neatest thing I have seen in quite a while...



so... I have been lagging, sorry. Been really busy, have too much going as usual and just have been anti sitting at my computer. the Randy Smith Alt covers are ready, will have a post up tomorrow about em, they r fuckin beautiful, i'm stoked on em. i also have some new shirts, as well as new parts in the works. Pressure plates for 4 speed clutches. Stoked on em. havent taken very many pix lately either... some here and there. Now that the weather is better that will pick up soon.

2 BLOGS for you to look at:

Rockabilly Jays Blog-o-Rama
funny shit, Jay and I worked together at that shop I used to work at and he has been recounting some funny shit that happened back then..

Jessie's Blog
Jess is fucking RAD, she owns two killer bars in Brooklyn and races motorcycles and races sidecars as a monkey!!!

ok ill get with it girls and boys...

April 14, 2011

god damn bubble!!!

gonna have to do the superglue under the paint trick! but i'm STOKED that its up and running again!

Almost ready...

Got 3 back from polish to take with me to the Hippy Killer Hoedown! and il be takin 3 raw ones as well. orders for em next week.


April 11, 2011

Sideburn Magazine.

Do you read Sideburn Magazine??? If you don't, you should. Coolest flattrack based magazine on the planet!!! Killer blog too check it out!

They also had these sweet scarfs for sale a while back! But if you missed the boat they are all gone i believe!

thats January Seraph wearin mine....

April 10, 2011

Flatheads are fun

Just wish they were still cheap...

Did you get a BDT shirt yet??

get one here! Sorry you can't get January there tho...

so I was out at the track today....

with T-Rod and Gene as they were doing more shakedown runs with their "New Zealand Sidecar" speedway rig.

these guys rule and are improving with every lap. all you other speedway sidecar people are fucked, when they put the destroked 61" evo in that chassis.

As of right now, to put it in perspective, lets look at it this way.

Right now these assholes are running a S&S 124ci motor, full fucking throttle (Can't kick the rear wheel out at anything less) WITH NO FUCKING BRAKES OF ANY KIND. If they wanted to, they could put this bike on the street and probably go at least 130mph, minimum, with this motor and gearing.

Insanity rules! Support TEAM 25!

April 3, 2011

Ok THIS WEEK will be the week I will be takin orders for these.

The Randy Smith alternator covers.
This is the first batch, i finished the lathe work on them saturday night. Mill work this week.

Watch on wed...

If you watch AOTS...

You might know who January Seraph is, if not, you will now!

Lots more to come!

January Seraph Check her out.

My Hero!


you could almost say that Peas and Carrots

Go together like vans and choppers!

Clean chopper shit here

I Love garages!

See, i'm not the only one

with one in the rafters

How many of you bought multiple copies of Dice...

Just so you could make the cut, fold, and paste tank!?!

Some people really ride...

Like these three fuckers.