You learn from what's killing you.

January 31, 2011

1911 - 2011

100 years of Colt 45acp auto pistols.

January 30, 2011

A coupla pix from the GNRS

I have to say that Johnny Cocaine's shovel fuckin kills it, KILLS IT. That first pic of the Kimtab 6 spoke is from his bike, more pix to come.

Someone mentioned a lack of Emily Marilyn...

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You should all come to Santa Fe Deli next month..

Tom from Works Performance rode his 10 second FXR down...

and Jeff rode his killer new gen shov down for its first ride...

Four Aces

Wes moved his shop Four Aces to a new location in Pacoima! find him and go see him!

January 28, 2011


No bad vibes, just come hang out. Noon sharp as usual.

Santa Fe Importers
1401 Santa Fe Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90813-1290
(562) 435-5629

January 24, 2011

Lookin for a 2 stroke streetbike

70's, RD, H1 or H2 etc...
350cc or bigger!



Stole this pic from the BDT

This Husky rules!!!

But since they always sneak into my camera and make shots like these 2 happen, i think they will get over it...

January 23, 2011

Kymby Cao

At Ink N Iron last year I met Kymby, she was getting a killer tattoo of an elephant on her calf. By the amazing Nick Rodin from Blackheart tattoo.
She's also has a black belt in Karate...


Damn there are Knuckles fucking everywhere!

Kristen Leanne

getting closer...

now i just need my sprocket, and to do the same thing to the clutch basket... and a chain...
too much other shit i HAVE to do.

January 20, 2011

Yellow Devil Gear Exchange

Long Beach, CA
A new store has opened up on 2841 E Broadway that is mainly a consignment store for motorcycle gear and stuff. This is a real motorcycle friendly estanbishment! The owner Jessica has been involved with the motorcycle industry for the past 10 years so she has a great insight to the whole deal.
She has lots of leathers and gear up for sale on consignment, if you have gear to move or any other motorcycle related stuff, take it down and talk to her!

if nothing else, just stop in and say hello! Places like this need our support!
go, NOW!

panhead parts?

not yet???

January 19, 2011


The new Crowbar record "Sever the Wicked Hand" is gonna be released on Feb 8.

Crowbar is one of my all time favorite metal bands, EVER. STOKED.

January 17, 2011

Its dark in the Burgundy room...

Bella Vendetta

Bella Vendetta was in town for the benefit to help out Jessie Lee last week. Somehow we managed to get a few hours when she wasn't booked and I was able to shift some stuff around to shoot!
Pretty stoked about it, Bella Vendetta is pretty damn cool and the only girl i really know who listens to nothing but BLACK METAL!!!

It was a pleasure to finally meet you Bella!

The White Knights in the House of Kolor in LA.

So Wes Lang and Jeffro Schaad were out in LA for an art show thow this past week.
this is the swanky hotel they stayed at...

this is after their rental car got towed, (oops, my fault)

these are one of the sites you see in hollywood after 2am...

this was the art gallery. The Christopher Grimes Gallery.

Yes choppers as art.
yes i'm supposed to be pissed off at this as I hate the idea as choppers as art pieces, but as i have riden with jeffro (His bikes, the evo and the triumph) at 90 mph on the BQE and full throttle across brooklyn, (see here) THAT makes it ok.

Wes and Jeffro, two of the coolest motherfuckers around.

check out Wes' website HERE. In case you havent yet.
and if you havent checked out the WKITHOK, go here...