You learn from what's killing you.

October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Holly came by and officially killed a pumpkin!

check out Holly on her blog... she rules!

October 29, 2010



Santa Fe Importers
1401 Santa Fe Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90813-1290
(562) 435-5629

October 28, 2010

Seriously, did no one notice the greatest club cut ever?

Even better that its a VAN club!!!

The Superfreak

Got the Polaroid back to work... and damn am I glad i didnt let this bike go.

The Hammer of God

The single greatest swingarm bike and/or shovelhead on the planet.

October 27, 2010

Those motherfuckers in NYC

know how to roll.

fun to drive? Maaaaaaybe?

Neat parts...

So, about that polaroid back...

I had it loaded wrong, this i learned after wasting an entire ten pack of pix. Crap.
But this one of my fuckups looks really neat.

stay tuned for way more of Miss Holly Cakes, all my camera batteries r dead so i cant download my pix.. gimme a day or two.

October 25, 2010

Riding In Brooklin NY

This is the first half of the ride I took from williamsburg to redhook on the day after the Brooklyn Invitational.

Me, 9half, Chris from oakland and 3 of the heroes from WKITHOK took a leisurely ride...

Click on it to open it in its own window to watch it big! Fuck it RULED!

October 24, 2010

Copeland's Pan

Epic pan, especially when he's passed out on the sidewalk holding the kickstand!

I did promise more Misti Dawn...

Misti Rules.

Chek her out at Meow Misti Dawn!

Sex Narcotics Alcohol and Vans S.N.A.V.

this deal was fuckin badass!

Van Trophys!

this is where the title comes from

this lady has been runnin with the Vanners for 30+ years!
she is the one who explained the S.N.A.V. meanins Sex narcotics Alcohol and Vans!!

i fuckin LOVE these trucks

Bad ass Corvair van

The chevy earlies are scarce


Birds eye view

I love this pan, some NEAT touches on it.

The Captains Helm in Costa Mesa

Love me some early Econo's

The guys behind the show

Van stuff!

Sweet painted doghouse!

Might be the greatest club cut EVER!

2% van outlaw shit


Hi jackers

Love this van

hell yeah!

yeah thats a shark

Rolled down with my Van Club the Vandoleros! check out the BLOG!