You learn from what's killing you.

March 31, 2010

My friend Maqi

Last year I did a review of a Tattoo book.
The girl that wrote it, my friend Maqi, rules.
This is Maqi

I said I never wanted to do anything with any tattoo mag and, she asked and I didn't say no. Crap!
This was out a few months ago

I never thought i'd be happy with anything on me in a tattoo mag, and well, I'm stoked on it!

So, thanx for makin something of me with my shirt off that I am totally stoked with!

Go check out her Blog, she goes fuckin everywhere and she rules!

March 30, 2010

New stuff on the Bardahl blog

This rad pic taken by Davey Beardo is up there!

This is Nikki's Dad

and his Triumph!
Thanx for the pix Josh!!!

Got this in the mail

RAD!!!! anybody have an 8-track player so I can hear it???

check your mail!

LBC swap

was overwhelming, the whole fuckin world was there, and i took one pic.
of the one bike there i wanted!!!

I wonder what was in this package...

March 26, 2010

The 66x Air Cleaner

People ask me what the story is behind my 66x air cleaner.
here it is.

When I was building my knuckle for the Horse Smoke Out Build off in '06 (Damn!) I wanted something clean and small that would work well with a Linkert carb, since I was running two of them. The Linkert is my all time favorite carb, they are beautiful all stock and beautiful polished or even chromed. I needed something small that wouldn't overpower it, but that would work.

The 66x was born, I cast my first two prototypes and these are the ones that were on my knuckle initially.
One I got the filter elements figured out (Big thanx to 9-Half and Tom at UNI!) I wanted to add just a little bit more. A few years prior, my good friend Erik Maaske (May he RIP) had drawn me some artwork that I use to this day, and I decided to rework the flags he drew for me into castable form for the air cleaner.

Thats pretty much how it happened. I am still making them to this day as well as a few new versions I will be sellin soon. I sell most of them for S&S E/G and CV carbs but I like the way they look best on a Linkert!

Oh yeah the 66x part is the number I ran when i raced in Ventura in '05.
Huge thanx to everyone who is running one and everyone who has one ordered!

March 25, 2010

Does anyone

who looks at my blog ride a trials bike? Like one of the new crazy ones like Julien Dupont rides?
very curious...


santa fe deli saturday! be there at noon!

its a good idea that this is saturday coz Jose picked up my last wooden airplane with rocket engines glued to it and the rubber band is broken. So it would be a bad saturday to have "fly the rocket assisted balsa wood airplane day"
So come on down and get a meatball or something, drive, run, walk, ride.
Nelson said its ok to rided a fixed gear bicycle, you can, but i'm 92% sure that 9-half will laugh at you.

I can't be the only one who

has a thing for Olivia Munn?

Got Surf?

March 24, 2010

anybody have a

1971 Buick Riviera? In so cal? that I could borrow for a few hours to take some pix?



Santa Fe Importers, Inc. 1401 Santa Fe Ave. • Long Beach, CA - (562) 437-7775

NOON this saturday!

Need to measure...



Randy Moore


Racin at Metro

Don from Metro's racer that he took to Daytona!

March 23, 2010


Just plain rules.

March 22, 2010

The Harley Davidson Confederate Edition

So, in 1977 Harley Davidson decided to do one commemorative edition after the Liberty Editons of '76.
It is now one of the rarest harleys from the AMF era, if not the rarest. Only 23 are known to exist today, amid rumors of Harley buying them and pulling the decals and changing the paint to "Save face" they are barely known of today.
Except for every person who has the 1941 to 84 Harley parts book, where there is a drawing of the tank decal with a part number. (61651-77 and 61650-77, respectively for the tank decals)
I have only heard of them and never seen one. I have never seen an ad for one, even tho my parts guru claims that they were regional, I dont know of nayone who has actually seen one.
This is one of the pix for the ad campaign that Harley did for em, not sure if anyone has EVER seen this pic! Coz as far as I know it was never in print...
They made 44 FLH Electra Glides, 228 Super Glides, 299 XLH Sportsters, 45 XLCH Sportsters and 15 XLT Sportsters, In one batch only and that was it.

Feel free to read more about em here!

Love this Knuckle

I guess he wanted a fast bike so he took the chief mill out...


Speakin of Hangin...

I am sure that Hank Jr likes the view from his angle


Egg Troopers?

Hope the Rebels dont want scrambled eggs...

The greatest Buell of all time



bad ASS two stroke!

ANyone know what ever happened to the band...


With a record called "South bound and down"

anyone? this record is insane, bad ass fast punk rock.

March 18, 2010

March 14, 2010


sweet wheels

that blue mag up on the rack is badass!


WHat the hell is this??? its in the Harley museum off in a corner!?!

PM Wheel Product line 1984

Some BAD shit there!!! I want those mags! ALL OF THEM!!!!