You learn from what's killing you.

April 20, 2011


so... I have been lagging, sorry. Been really busy, have too much going as usual and just have been anti sitting at my computer. the Randy Smith Alt covers are ready, will have a post up tomorrow about em, they r fuckin beautiful, i'm stoked on em. i also have some new shirts, as well as new parts in the works. Pressure plates for 4 speed clutches. Stoked on em. havent taken very many pix lately either... some here and there. Now that the weather is better that will pick up soon.

2 BLOGS for you to look at:

Rockabilly Jays Blog-o-Rama
funny shit, Jay and I worked together at that shop I used to work at and he has been recounting some funny shit that happened back then..

Jessie's Blog
Jess is fucking RAD, she owns two killer bars in Brooklyn and races motorcycles and races sidecars as a monkey!!!

ok ill get with it girls and boys...

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