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February 24, 2010

Anybody running boards?

I have 3 sets of the Deluxe boards that arent spoken for.

Just the inserts and they will come drilled...
hit me up at mail at if u r interested.

Goof Ole HD

old style leather


February 23, 2010

Before and After

Eric Webb maybe?

I'm jumping on the FXR blogwagon!

With a 132" twin carb X-wedge FXR built by Dougz in LaCrosse , WI

Just after Thanksgiving 2009, George Smith Jr. (Interim President of S&S Cycle Inc.) called Doug Wozney – Owner of DOUGZ Custom Paint & Fabrication, in La Crosse, Wisconsin requesting a meeting. The bike you see before you is the result of that meeting.

George stated “We want to showcase the X-Wedge engine and XW-R Transmission case mounted in a stock Harley chassis – where should we start?” The consensus between Scott Sjovall, Jeff Bailey and Doug was to start with a Genuine FXR chassis, stretch it the required 2 inches to accommodate the X-Wedge powerplant and to use as many Genuine components possible in the conversion.

It was then handed off to Doug to create what people could identify with as something that LOOKS custom while not requiring a custom-built budget, and has the added benefit of easily attainable insurance and hassle-free registration.

Doug started with a 1992 chassis, sent it to Rolling Thunder Frameworks for the modifications and had them build a 2 inch stretched swingarm. Works Performance shocks assure a great ride and are adjustable for the inevitable passes down the quarter mile this bike will be accustomed to. Doug used lightweight Harley cast aluminum wheels, stock sheetmetal and brakes – modifying and massaging those and many other stock components saving a chunk of money.

The engine displaces 132 cubic inches and has an all new twin carburetor induction system. Exhaust is a Bassani muffler with primary pipes built by DOUGZ. “The combination sings a very sweet 56 degree tune” remarked Scott Sjovall. Preliminary computer models suggest this engine will make 130 to 140 horsepower and approximately 150 tree stump pulling foot pounds of torque. More on that in a couple of months once its through the break-in period.

S&S will be traveling the country this year and the FXR will be on display at all major events and rallys, beginning with Daytona Bike Week. So be sure to put S&S Cycle on your list of vendors to visit this year.
SWEET! needs real brakes tho...

Ok, she's back

Randy Moore

The Supermarine S.6

The most beautiful aircraft ever built, im my opinion.

February 18, 2010

This is where you need to be on April 17th

BE there or be not there...
NO, BE THERE! Kutty is a hero and puts on a killer party!

sorry I have been lagging lately, being sick really fucked me up, i sit down at my computer and i just get pissed.

February 17, 2010


Ok, so once a month I meet a few guys I went to high school with for lunch, it rules. we always meet somewhere different. Today we met at a greek market/restaurant at Normandie and Pico. It was a beautiful day today (Still is, haha) and I had to ride out to Ontario to pick some stuff up and then to lunch. Just put new tires and a chain on my TL1000 so I was stoked to ride, I hadn't in a while.

So, we meet for lunch and it was killer.

BUT, i walk out to my bike, that I parked right by a valet guy, (who was no longer there) and saw that my helmet wasn't where i left it. it was on the other side of the bike and all of a sudden it was blue.


motherfucking asshole even lined it with papertowel!!!!

Im so fuckin pissed, first I can't ride with anything but a full-face anymore and I freak if I ride without gloves. I rode back to LB with one hand holding the fucker on so it wouldnt blow off, with no gloves.

Finally found a helmet i REALLY LIKED with that Icon helmet I was wearing, now its GONE!
I'm so pissed I hope whoever stole my helmet gets run over by a truck and fucking dies.

fuck fuck fuck.

February 11, 2010

Gouge you RULE!!!!

I didnt know Gouge had a blog, he fuckin rules, a good fuckin guy.

check it out!

Hope all is good Gouge!

My interview on COC

CLick on the buck below to check it out,

Oh yeah, my last contest...


Thanx to Berk Krol in Holland who responded with an email within an hour of me postin it!
as soon as you get me your address ill send you something weird...

What does this mean???

Weirdness abounds

Sweet thermometer Jerami!

February 8, 2010

Ok one more


Ok I bet we all have a band that we always wish we had seen, with a particular line up etc, that we are pretty sure we never will.

The first band on my list, Scott Weinrich (Wino) era St Vitus.
After first hearing St Vitus on an SST complilation in 86 i believe, it blew me away. Yes, metal on SST, THE ONLY METAL EVER ON SST.
The first St Vitus with Scott Reegers singing is the first real DOOM metal record. They took what BlackSabbath did and made it heavier and darker. But then came Wino, they made the record "Born Too Late" that to this day is heavier than every fuckin band out there that thinks they are heavy, period.

Then comes the St Vitus "Live" record. The one record I wanted to see live, I really couldnt have imagined what it would gbe like to see them live. I knew the Wino had his side projects, Spirit CAravan, the Hidden Hand, and the band I will see in March, Shrinebuilder.
St Vitus played in LA, the first time since 1988, on jan 28, 2010.


Dave Chandler - Guitar

Wino and Marc Adams on Bass

Then it got crazier, after an hour of St Vitus playing like no other, the drummer Henry Vasquez hitting the drums as hard as he possibly can and Marc and David playin with it turned up to 11, Wino walks off stage.

and Scott Reagers walked on stage to sing the most amazing and most covered St Vitus song off the first record "Burial at Sea"
holy fucking shit!

that was amazing and probably will never happen again!
Then Wino came back and closed the show with "Born too Late"

It took my ears took a long time to stop ringing, I dont think anything will beat it.

St Vitus go there and buy the Live CD if you dont have it.