You learn from what's killing you.

August 31, 2010

No more Buell but we have this...

There was finally a world class AMERICAN superbike. Gone. Now we have this fruit.

August 30, 2010

Cool Breaker 2010

from the tsa

Havent seen an ad like these since the 40's

Ok, so I didn't exactly see anything in the 40's for that matter... but you get the idea

August 29, 2010


Bella BLack

This girl ROCKS!

Lots more to come!

Kick ass Cycle world XL!!

This is the bike CYcle World built in the late 90's to do the baja 1000!!! Dont think it ever did it though...

Neat stuff at the LBC cycle swap today...

Really, what else do you need?

Hey Noah

this the frame you are looking for?

August 26, 2010

Ready to Work!

Dahlia Dark

Saturday Saturday Saturday!!!

Lots of activity on Saturday!


1401 Santa Fe Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90813-1290
(562) 435-5629

Then go to Illusion Cycle's open house and visit T-Rod and Rusty:
fun Fun FUN!

August 25, 2010

Calle's pan

I like megaphones...

Harold and Belle's

So, once a month, (mostly) I get together to have lunch with a few guys I went to high school with. Today we went to Harold and Belles, Creole food since 1969. DAMN it was good!
What happened to me eating better i don't know...
But another cool thing happened... we are sitting there talking about who knows what and the word chopper and motorcycle gets said and the lady across from us asks us if we were talkin about choppers. we say yes and we end up hearing some pretty amazing stories about riding with one of the black clubs back in the 60s' and 70's in the LA area. About rollin up to Oakland with the East Bay Dragons... Neat shit. The best part of the whole conversation was watching Cathy (her name, her daughter's name was Kai, it was her birthday!) talk about all this stuff and the twinkle in her eye! It was inspiring!
I get so down on the whole chopper scene coz its not what i think it should be or whatever might bum me out and i just try to do my thing, but watching her talk about guys riding choppers, jammin on jockey shift bikes at high speed really made my day.
The real history of the whole outlaw biker scene from the 60's and 70's is disappearing.
It was an honor to sit and talk with you Cathy about choppers and that time rollin with em!
and Kai, happy birthday!!!
we also spent a while talkin about food with Kai, turns out she is a pretty famous chef, and i love food so thats a good thing!

Ok that sporty project below..

is cheaper, $2000! We need it to GOOOOOOOO! maybe even $1900...

Dahlia Stopped by Tonight....

Dahlia Dark

Happy to have her stop by.

Parts help...

I need a ARD batteryless CDI for a Buell blast. BAD!!! anyone that can help me get one, please help!!! I know you know a guy who races a blast or heard of a guy who might have some BLast parts. WE need one BAD!!!!

This SAturday!!!

August 24, 2010

More Cool Breaker pix!

thx to the TSO

Minna and her Panhead!

This is in Sweden where Minna took first place/best in show.
Kick ass bike. Minna and Gordon rule as well!
Thanx to Calypso for the pic!


Last time i was in Brooklyn, it was when Larry died, may he RIP.
and despite that fact that I loved Larry and was mad at "the powers that be" that he was gone, I fell in love with Brooklyn.

I am happy to finally be going back.

Cheap Thrills!

Go over to Cheap THrills, Mike is a hero!

and then there's them tattooed girls that we all love...

Ok that stuff for sale...

the Knuckle stuff is gone!!!
but he xl stuff is still for sale and negotiable!!!

Sorry i been blog laggin, been busy and havent wanted to sit in front of a computer...
LOTS of good stuff comin! That is if you like hot naked girls... like REALLY hot ones...


August 19, 2010

More chopperparts for sale!!

AEE Rigid sportster frame. With 89 1200 sporty motor. with skinny springer with rockers, axle and front wheel and matching aee gas tank

Motor comes with bill of sale,motor is from a reputable source and does run.
no axle with rear wheel, i basically sat it on there to make a roller.
motor hits on top of rear rocker box,but will take a minimum of work to make it clear.
$2500obo email me at mail at if interested.

Chopper stuff for sale!!

Here we have a brand spanking new 1947 only bullneck knucklehead frame, V-Twin. ready to run. Comes with the HD oil tank and an original HD springer, inline. the rockers are vtwin. fork is straight and nice. $3500 OBO.
questions? hit me up mail at

August 17, 2010


Is here and the CHopper Wizard is STOKED!!!

You lower mortals.... Welcome the Apocalypse!

Icon you RULE!!!!

August 16, 2010

No More Wheelies

So, John Edwards was standing looking at my fork the other day and pointed somethng out to me. "Hey has this always been bent?"
"uhh, no."

ok no more wheelies for me.



Kingdom of Sorrow and Goatwhore

the only two reasons to goto Ozzfest

Pretty Panhead

Nikki's Kawasaki...

Gotta love Noah

Here is our beloved FTWCO racer Noah in vegas in the middle of a the pack.

Here is his shoulder a little bit ago after wrecking at practice!

Gotta love all that hardware!

See you back on the track soon buddy!

Still want

To build one of these...

and do this...

Biker Glory

Pat Leahy!

August 12, 2010

This has nothing to do with boats or planes

but whenever some of my friends are unsure of themselves, they call me.

but whenever I'm unsure of my self, I call this guy.

That is all!