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April 22, 2011

Something completely different...

Ok, so, if you look at my blog on a regular basis, you have noticed that I have been photographing women in various states of undress and in fetish related situations for the past couple of years now in addition to making motorcycle parts.

I love doing it.
and one of the neatest parts of it is that fact that I get to meet really fuckin neat people!
Like Miss Crash

and Ms Jane Jett

The two of them run a studio in a downtown LA loft that has "Interesting" stuff going on..

Their Grand Opening of their Studio Servitu is this coming weekend. Saturday night to be exact. There will be some really neat stuff going on that you just don't get to see. So, if you can make it down, RSVP and go.

I promise it will be a night not to miss.

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