You learn from what's killing you.

March 31, 2008

Please Read

Last week my good friend Eric Webb and his wife Jacklyn lost their baby during birth.
Tim from Syndicate is having a benefit deal for them at Alex's Bar in Long Beach on April 13th.

This is a tough, tough time for them, so if nothing else keep them in your thoughts.

The flyer is to the right and it will stay there until after the benefit.

I love you two.


March 30, 2008

Danny Lyon

You should know of the book "Bikeriders" by Danny Lyon, if you don't, buy it, it has been re-released and is available.
So you don't have to goto libraries and "Borrow" it anymore...

But I bet very few of you know what he looks like...

The Thumbcutter.

Some of you might have seen this bike, one of the better CFL chassis bikes out there.
Well, this bike was my buddy Mark's, also known to some of you as Ninehalf.
But, why is he known as Ninehalf?
Well, if the name of the bike, The Thumbcutter, is any indication...

here is the bike:

Here is his left hand after he reached down to grab the kickstand while the bike was still running.


so beware...

His thumb got caught in between his belt and rear clutch drum and sucked up to the starter housing, thats where it tore off.


We took the thumb to the hospital so it could possibly be re-attached but when they told us it couldnt be, i promptly stole it and put it on ice so I could make Mark a shift knob.

I got a call about 45 min later saying "hey, dave, bring it back, they want to re-attach it. Damn, no shift knob with marks thumb in it.

needless to say they reattached it and then it died so he had to schedule amputation surgery (man that sounds awful) so they could take it back off.

Then. again as they are no fun, the doctors wouldn't let him keep it...

this pic was right before the surgery to remove it.

So, needless to say, these cycles we ride seem to take a bite from time to time...

I know I posted these two pics before but they do go with the whole story!

March 29, 2008

March 28, 2008

This pic rules

I have no idea who sent me this a long time ago, but damn, everything about this pic rules...

The glory of Ed Roth

Everyone forgets that Ed Roth was a biker first...

Scott Craig...

And this Triumph, wow, this bike is killer, I remember when i fisrt saw it...
Scott has an amazing eye for detail.

March 26, 2008

More flattrack fun!

You have to love bikers back in the day!

Train anyone?

Pic by Danny Lyon 1966

My friends!

Gotta love Mochi and Danny!

Yeah Hot Rods are still neat

The One and Only Linda Vaughn


anybody have...

a 1948 to 1957 hummer or 125 or scat or whatever rear fender??? for the rigid frame hummers.
condition doesn't really matter. as long as its semi not a total piece of shit and complete..
I need one desperately!


March 25, 2008

Another COC Prototype...

This is the one thing i'm doing that I'm not sure I want to be doing but I am anyway.
In my opinion a magneto cap shouldn't be metal! But, I am determined to make it work. I am pouring my own isolators for the contacts and machining the brass contacts from scratch. As well as powdercoating the inside of the cap...

Stay tuned...

I do have the polyurethane caps almost to the point of where i want to actually sell them, I have a handful on mag bikes right now and I have addressed the few problems they had for the new ones...

Jeff Deckers Crocker...

More Pin-up...

Gotta Love Cops!

More Danny Lyon...

Chopper How-to

March 24, 2008

why was the tranny out?

i dont remember...

Respect Marco Almera

Nice pipes!

Springer How to!

Pray For Snow???

All those evil biker shirts...
I wonder how many "pray for snow" shirts they sold?

but you do have to love the "Wanna fuck" pillow cases...

the other one!

a while back I posted a pic of a broken front intake rocker arm...
I've broken two. I found the other one today!

March 23, 2008


Isnt this kinda like tying a string to your tooth, tyin the other end to the door knob and slamming the door ???

Out of Seal Beach, CA

Hell yeah!!!


March 22, 2008

Shinya Kimura

A true artisan.

Check him out online!

Pratt and Whitney R-4360 Wasp Major Motor

Okay, to everyone who thinks all the motorcycle engines are complicated...
hows this?
28 cylinders... and a supercharger and in later versions 2 turbos in addition to the blower!

Thanx to Scott for the pix, he understands the weird obsession with radials...
check out his blog...

also, here is video of a cutaway of one of these engines...

Engine displacement was 4,362.50 in³ (71.5 L), hence the model designation. Initial models developed 3,000 hp (2240 kW), but the final models delivered 4,300 hp (3200 kW) using two large turbochargers in addition to the supercharger.

Ventura 1997

Me and Denver Dan and Milwaukee Joe

Bad ass merc

This merc was ownded by my dads best friend when he was growin up in LA, this car had a paxton supercharged 312 Y block in it, I have pix of the mill somewhere but i havent found em yet...


I shoulda bought this when i could have ... neat shit!