You learn from what's killing you.

March 31, 2014


I really really miss my van. I want another one. #murdervan #assholetotalledit #fuckmybackhurtstoday #icantwaittogohometomywife

March 28, 2014


Clowns and motorcycles. Need I say more? #fuckers

March 27, 2014


To all you people who like "Bratstyle" style bikes, it's one guy who started it. Go Takamine, Bratstyle is HIS shop in Japan. Hey @go_takamine send me your address I want to send you a keychain! I have two of yours and I went back to find you at HRCS to give you one of mine and you were gone! #raceshit


Thank you Pandora for making my morning better! #angelofdeath #fuckinslayer

March 26, 2014


So, if you know anything about old go karts... Goto my blog at and take a look! #motor? #whatkindisit #yesdaveiknowiwontfitshutup

60's Go Karts

So, a few years back i got this sweet ass '60's go kart from my buddy Cody in Frisco.  i have ALWAYS wanted a damn go kart, from the go kart track on Vanowen in north hollywood in the 70's to drooling over the sears catalog as a kid i always wanted one.
so Cody hooked me up with this one and its just been sitting, now I cant fit in it unless i lose a buncha weight, BUT my wife fits in it and even better all three kids fit.  so it's now my mission to make it work again.  i know nothing about it 'cept that its fuckin neat as shit!  pretty sure it is set up for a McCulloch engine.  i could move the axle stuff around and put a harbor freight engine in it, but i thought it would be cool if i could find something period and neat.
and of course i'd make some ridiculous pipe and air cleaner assembly for whatever i end up with.
it has a neat little hydraulic (Fancy!) disc brake on it and i can probably fix that and other than the motor stuff its all pretty much serviceable.

and coz i'm fucked up i could get it running and put a gopro on it and stick a naked model in it and get video as she races around my complex...

SOOOO anyone got any advice or anything i might need for it?  or any info on it or whatever?

March 25, 2014


Sundance Japan. Home of the XR twin cam! I NEED ONE!!! #insanity #RACESHIT #zakisamaniac #madscientist

Proper dirty pics of Krissie!

 Gotta love Krissie!!!

Krissie Dee

This was in the parking lot in Yokohama!!!

so fuckin neat!!!

Since I haven't done a proper blog post in a bit... here goes.

Gonna go back a bit in time as I've been lazy and let Instagram take over my blog.  easy, but lazy.
Got a buncha pix of all kinds that will kind of sum up the past couple months.

Sherri with my sporty looking rather sporty herself.

Sherri with Damon Yorks triumph!

Now we are off to Portland for the One show, lots of killer stuff.  Its a great example of the diversity that is slowly taking over what has been chopper only for a long time.

My sporty with Brawny Built's sporty with the Icon display in Portland, the Icon guys are killer, they "Get it" the need to ride hard and fast without having to conform o some sort of stereotypical role in the motorcycle world,

but yes, Choppers, both of these owned by Mark Drews.  the Triumph is rad, but not really my cup of tea, the Flathead on the other hand is a fucking masterpiece.  i cant wait to shoot it.  so simple yet so mind blowing,

Icon Headquarters in PDX, a small company of 14 guys doin it all in house from design to marketing to cutting up brand new motorcycles.  Good fuckin guys with a quality product.
the Iron Lung.  Killer fuck you attitude bike, I love it.
Another of the Iron Lung.
random glory
More random glory and an epic ass.
absolute truth.  especially when it comes to building, racing or crashing motorcycles.
Picture of Pixie by the one and only Eric Hameister

The past 6 months have been chaos.
I relaunched my website making a ton of products I have been making actually available.  Did the whole website myself and it was time consuming to say the least.  I now have alot more items available and many more coming.  We have streamlined the process and now i have an honest to god employee running the back end of things so i can actually get parts made.  Oh yeah and on November first i married her...
best thing I ever did. Period.
Then three weeks later I went to japan with the Steel Shoe for Mooneyes Yokohama HRCS, sucked leaving her on Thanksgiving day, but it just made me happier to come home.

Badass K Model Dragbike, ended up being my pick of the show!

Knuckles fuckin everywhere

gold and white, killer shovel

Since being back in town i have been super busy, I never get a chance to ride anywhere.  i have realized this past week as I haven't needed my truck, it hasn't been raining and my TL1000s is back running that no matter how shitty i might feel, or whatever anxiety attack I might be having over something so stupid, all it takes is for me to ride my bike somewhere, ANYWHERE.  All of a sudden I feel better again. I'm going to put the generator back in my panhead this week too so I can start riding that again on a regular basis.  It also looks like the paperwork will finally be done on my turbo bike as well, so no matter what, whenever i need to, i can get on two wheels and get back to myself.   
i get fed up with all of it, people, the motorcycle industry, etc, but what it comes down to, no matter how fed up I am with whatever is going on around me, all i have to do is get on a bike and all of a sudden none of it matters.


March 23, 2014


More @krissiedeexxx !!! #hapachick #underboob


Shooting @krissiedeexxx today! #hapachick

March 22, 2014


Step one. Steel, Bondo, and Polyurethane covered in filler primer... #soontobealuminum #morebodyworkneeded


The heart and soul of Sinners Sweden. I'm lucky to call these guys family. @saltnbatter Krantz and Mats. #SFFS. #family #llovetotheguysnitinthispic


Magnetos magic or madness!#hatebatteries #nosfairbankscoil #buzzbox

March 20, 2014


Throwback Thursday My pick for the 2004 Mooneyes Hot Rod Custom show in Yokohama Killer knuck built by @shiun_tomo #killerknuck #tbt Shiun Motorworks Japan


More Bardahl glory! Now all I need is a 55 gallon drum of it! #lotsofoil #bardahl #tbt #pinup #fuckoffimfifties

March 19, 2014


I also can't wait to see Wanda Maximoff AKA The Scarlet Witch in the Next Avengers movie. #andnowforsonethingcompletelydifferent #comicgeek


True SFV survivor. Droopy's knuckle. #needisaymore? #hero #satansslaves #SFV

March 18, 2014


Pic for @thecutrate Brooklyn Invitational 2010 #fuckoffanddie I'll send ya one full size! #bafattitude


It's a @cocovelvett kind of day! #curves #funny #sorrysheISwearingpants #hapachick

March 17, 2014


Brooklyn 2010 Charlie's Sporty chopper. Perfect and right to the point. And Charlie rules. #xl #goodpeople


Killer seat recover/refoam job by Saddlemen for my TL1000s hit them up for custom Dyna FXR sporty seats. Custom seats Made to order in house in So Cal. Go in and talk to @bustercates #supportcompaniesthatsupportracing #qualityproduct

March 16, 2014


The beautiful Sheri with @nomads69cycle triumph! #beautifultattooed #killertriumph #amazingfigure killer paint by @oldtymecustompaint


45 road racer built by none other than @keinocycles #raceshit #talent #brooklyn

March 13, 2014


Throwback Thursday this is the Gorr MC flathead. In my eyes the perfect Swedish longbike. First saw pictures of this bike in the late '90's. Still my all time favorite chopper. #tbt #swedish style

March 12, 2014


HELP!! We are looking for a Honda 1997-1999 CR250 chassis. Do not need the motor JUST the chassis. #raceshit #1729cconalcohol in SO CAL please Cash? Trade? Email me at #hunterklee


Rollin hard in Cerritos today with @9half #63biscayne