You learn from what's killing you.

November 30, 2008

I hope...

she doesn't crash

the paint won't work as well as leather would...

ok, those pix of Sash on here...

Were taken by this guy, Steve Prue

Thanx to Bozi for the pic!

Ramon's sickle...

pic by Ramon Ramirez

Sweet Chevy...

Thanx for the pics of your sweet Chevy!
Pic by Jake Coulter

Supermarine Attaker

November 27, 2008

And i'm thankful for

Lindsay Lohan

Shes a fuckin disaster, she's great!!

It's thanksgiving

Today I'm thankful for these guys, and especially Herb, Herb thanx for doin it!

from LIFE magazine

November 25, 2008


If you have emailed me about an Uber Alles Stack cover or anything else recently, I will be invoicing for those on monday, gotta split for thanksgiving...

well, dont worry the blog will still be updated! haha
and tomorrow is wednesday...

i really tried to find a pic of a naked girl and a turkey for thursday, but no luck, unless someone sends me one!!!!!



Okay, I drove my van to my shop tonight, it's raining and its always fun in my van of the wipers that work when they want to, but...
Had my Ipod plugged into my stereo on shuffle
in a row it played
Victim in Pain by Agnostic Front insane fuckin song, the greatest record ever by Agnostic Front, fuckin brutal, insane
Horror of it all by Anthrax, killer song off the single record that I have probably listened to more than any other in my life, the ultimate metal record of all time, Among the living.
and then
Ludichrist, Most People are Dicks!!!!

Bad ass, made me happy, if only Carnivore - Race War and The Cro Mags - Hard Times had come on it would have been the perfect NY setlist.

All that shit from NY fuckin killed me whe i first heard it.
Still kills me now when i hear it, love it!

Brawny Built

Hero, check him out
Brawny Built!

love this XL , fuckin KILLER! Love Brawny too, he rules

Okay fuckers

I am also gonna post some pix from the LIFE magazine archives...
KILLER fuckin stuff, so killer that they are making this stuff available.

November 24, 2008

The Saw and the Egg


Judson Magneto

whats the story with the mags, are they really the hot ticket?
Ok it's not REALLY a magneto at all.
the guy that builds them bonneville flatheads runs and swears by em...
I don't remember his name, some one enlighten me!

Beast Killer

The one and only

This is super neat

b-29 in the late 40's

So for most of us this is a short week...

Unless you are tied up in a van...

November 23, 2008

this could be mine...

But it's not, it belongs to Kaz...

Hi Mochi

miss you...

Shop Sams


Good food!


what the fuck is a hotchpotch?

Lucky bike...

Sash by Steve Prue on the Lovely Loser


About the XR

I have gotten a bunch of comments and a few emails regarding the XR1200 good and bad.
What I expected, to be honest.
Here is why i posted it.
I love motorcycles, period, and a guy who has riden more miles than anyone else i know, who has riden every style of bike for long distances, (Hi Aaron!) rode one and said it was like no harley he had ever riden. All positive. And of course it isn't a XR750, as much as we'd all like it to be.
But from what i have seen and heard its a decent starting point for a cool XL based bike.

Of course we will have to wait and see...

November 22, 2008

The Harley Davidson XR-1200

Well, it's almost here!

Contrary to what we all thought Harley Davidson is now taking pre orders for the first 750 XR-1200's!

The first ones shipping from the factory are the orange and black version above.
They are only taking 750 orders for them until Dec 15th, and if they havent taken 750 they will stop taking orders on that date either way

If you pre-order one now you can have it IN DECEMBER!!!

I'm happy that HD is finally realeasing something i actually like, mind you it needs some tweaking but for a factory bike it's pretty sweet!

it's cheaper than we all estimated it to be!

suggested MSRP of the orange one is $11,179
If you want one call Tracy at Harley Davidson of Westminster at 714.891.4300
but do it soon, coz as of the 15th you will have to wait until feb or march to take delivery of one.

But, if you want a silver or black one...
You have to wait
They will be shipping feb or march.

with the same MSRP, cept the california version of the black one will MSRP for $10,900
I can't wait to ride one...

Pedal car anyone?

Rockin' Rocket!

Anybody got any bumper parts?

November 19, 2008

The day AFTER Wings over Long Beach...

Wings over Long Beach is an airshow here in the LBC once a year, sadly no flybys but it's still neat. I never had a chance to make it down there during the show (Mark did, check out his blog to see a few pix..)

BUT I did make it over to the airport monday morning to see something I have never seen, the B-52 Stratofortress, and don't forget the B-52's were first commisioned by the Air Force in 1955!!!
on the tarmac

firing the engines

and then take off! the fucker is MASSIVE!!!!

and other stuff...
F-16 Fighting Falcon

and over across the tarmac, a B-1A in LB for servicing.
(Big pic)
I was in a Boeing parkig lot, makes me happy that so many Boeing employees were out there waiting to see it take off! There were over a hundred people out there waiting to see it fly and most of them were Boeing employees. Good to see that to some people a job isn't just a job...