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March 26, 2009

SpicE motorcycles, TOKYO!

Pretty stoked how the two bikes that I have seen built on my motorshop replica frames both fuckin RULE!!!!

Ok, one more...

thanx Lisa!

March 23, 2009

March 22, 2009

Buzz Bomb

Anyone here built a pulse jet engine???

and a few more

from Ricki, thanx man

BAD ASS Shovelheads!!!

Pix from Rico, thanx!

Beautiful blue!

Another pic of Ricki's dads bike...
thanx Ricki

Killer pan pix...

From Ricki, and here's the story behind the bike...
from the guy who built it:
The chopper was built from a 1953 panhead with a wish bone frame. A couple of neat features about it was the fact that it only had a rear brake. That's why he fabricated the long brake lever. The rear fender was made from an old continental kid of a 1953 Ford. That the thing hod rodders use to mount on the rear bumper to store a tire. All the filling was done with a brass brazing rod instead of bondo. It was raked 1 1/2" with a 15" over AEE springer. Making it 9 1/2 feet long.
If I ever hit a good dip in the road under hard acceleration she would do a wheely. Especially with the king queen seat with Debbie leaning against the back. A neat part of the seat was the built in storage.The picture of the switch panel with the heading keep it simple shows the fact that there were only three switches. Ignition, headlight on off switch, and a toggle switch for high and low beam. I later installed a cig lighter but never took a pic of that. The engine was painted several times my favorite was when the bike was candy apple red with gold metal flakes the engine was baby blue and white with all the bright work chrome plated. That was the last time I painted it. I dropped an exhaust valve at 110 MPH. The head of the valve stuck in the top of the piston and destroyed the engine. I traded the broke engine with a biker friend for a good, but some what questionable Shovel head. I say questionable because the numbers were ground off the block. I used a stamp kit and transferred the numbers off the pan head to the shovel. The only obvious problem was the first two numbers were the year the engine was built. So I probably had the only 1953 Shovel head engine. There's a whole nother story about that. If you look at the original paint on the right side of the gas tank it has HD air brushed into it. I had to have the tank repainted because I got pissed because it wouldn't start one day and put a big dent in the top of the tank with my fist.

glorious shit!
Thanx Ricki for the pix and story!

Hot Rod pan stuff!

Bad ASS!
More pix from Rico!

Sweet ...

You do realize

How well girls and bikes go together, right?

Claire Adams

See Saw?

Pix from Jeff Haitt!

Nice paper plate!

Sweet Pan!

Pix from Jeff Hiatt!


Pix from Jeff Hiatt!

Race Shit dog!

Pix from Rico

Neat shots of the lockheed plant during ww2

pretty neat!

March 19, 2009

Ok more XR1200 stuff

Ok, you saw the scrambler conversion to the XR1200 i posted a while back right?
Coz here is another killer one!!!

neat XLCR style look, I like it!
Bertrand Dubet's design from Odyssey, it's not on their site yet but it will be soon...
that fairing rocks...
now all it really needs is a full fairing like Cal Rayborn's KR from 62! and maybe 18" and 19" 7 spokes!!!
ok i'll stop!
I like it!

Slow down little girl...

Someone done got herself a real front brake...

Another pic from Crazybabe!

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March 18, 2009


All I really have to say today is that whoever the fuckin genius is that decided to make these little fuckers, Fuckin flat out rules. Greates thing since Chocolate Haupia Pie from That deli on the north shore...

wow they rule!
and Happy B-Day Irish Rich!!! have a fuckin Waffle!!!

March 15, 2009

Some new shit comin

Just back from the foundry and polishers
Super happy with this stuff, will be doin plates for em this week and then into production, check their websites to get em when they are available...
if you are waitin for parts they are probably in this box!