You learn from what's killing you.

February 27, 2009

February 26, 2009


On the right is my Grandma again...

February 24, 2009


that R in the part number means one thing: RACE!!!

Everybody wants to ride the unicycle...

its all getting taken apart next week and getting sent to the chromer too...

but i still have ulterior motives with it...

Some math for the day...

Know what that means???
means i'm a dumbass...
"Quarter turn throttle plus 90 percent of my time at full throttle means i get really shitty one third of normal gas milage"
"one third of normal gas milage plus a petcock with no reserve equals I run out of gas on the freeway"
I suck

Pretty Girl wearing my shirt!

Caleb likes to send me pix of his girl wearing my shirt...
I like it when he does that coz she's a doll!

Check his Cro Custom's blog for more interesting stuff...

February 23, 2009

Feb 9, 1930

This is my grandmother in Ponca City, OK.

She was a charter member of the 99's
The first 99 women licensed to fly in the USA.

That rules, I miss her.


Don't remember where this pic came from but this bike rules, and yes it's a cone shovel, and yes I still love it!

The Guy behind Hippy Killer Garage Co

and his beautiful family!

Ok, Claire is back

Shot Claire again a few weeks ago...

she rules Claire Adams


Ok, it's been a while since I raved about Dave Grohl's epic side project Probot.
Yerah Dave Grohl, if all you know abotu him is the foo fighters....
Yes he ws in Nirvana, but he was also in the killer DC band Scream.\

in 94 he decided to put together a metal dream record.
Lemmy, Wino, Mide Dean, Kurt Brecht, Cronos, Snake etc
Its killer, he did all the music on the record and wrote it all, and he wrote the songs with the specific Vocalist in mind. It fucking rules.

Here is the track with Lemmy (and Wino in the video) : Shake your Blood

February 22, 2009

February 21, 2009

Bob Coulter rules

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I do believe that this is Tom

thanx to jeff Hiatt!

Ready to race

thanx to Jeff Hiatt

The Storz version of the XR-1200

As you all know that Harley Davidson bought the trademark XR-1200 from Storz, they decided to make some parts for it finally...

Thanx to Tim Wallingford from Custom Cycle Engineering for the pix!


Get the OL to push!

thanx to Jeff Hiatt!

run that Chief through

the mud!

Thanx to Jeff Hiatt!

Ready to roll!

thanx to Jeff Hiatt!


not for long.....


This one is kind of a girls bike....

February 19, 2009

That post down there

of the sportbike?
well its a V-ROD motor!

pretty sweet...

February 18, 2009


Pix of a bike in Cinncinatti
anybody recognize that drivetrain???

thanx to the one and only Tim Wallingford from Custom Cycle Engineering for the pix!

Since my crossover post...

a bunch of people have mentioned two bands that rule!
One, the Crumbsuckers, this album is in my ipod now, it rules.

i was never really a big Hirax fan, but this record was gnarley!

Conveyor belt sushi

makes me hungry....

Nice wagon!

It's been rainin...

by Goodyear!

more music...


kick ass! 1985 over again!

The book review is back!


It's fuckin badass! get it!!!

bike shit, weird tokyo underground shit, pretty cool.
happy i finally broke down and got it!