You learn from what's killing you.

May 31, 2008

More Emily...

Courtesy of Bob Coulter


99% there...

crush washers - 8
stuff to make spark plug wires
finish magneto cap insulator
oil filter
magnetic oil tank drain plug
hose for tank vent
adapters for compression releases on way here

make brake lines
assemble plug wires
pull cast kicker pedal off panhead and swap

and most imprtant

its the little fucking items that kill you...

thinking about selling my panhead too... but that's a story for another time,
im tired, must get sleep.

May 29, 2008


I have been craving a hot plate of mexican food.
I live a block from Cocorenos

I just called and ordered a number 1.
Gonna walk and get it...



Nelson done loaned me his weirdo fisheye...

pretty neat!

Bike Betty!

Gotta love her!

oh no, another blog


killer magazine

KILLER!!!! it fuckin rules!!!!

for real its fuckin great!

May 28, 2008

for the Drags or for show?

Either way, it's pretty sweet!

Good ole Tommy!

Tommy Ivo, that is...


Ramjett manifold?

from the mid 90's
are they total pieces of shit? i havent run across my intake manifold yet for the evo but i found this today, in a brand new package.
i remember installing a bunch of em, but then i didn't anymore and i don't know why...
anyone? and yes it's the ramjett intake for an evo...

anyone who remembers, let me know!

Its always a happy day

When you are about to cover something with flake!

May 27, 2008


Now HERE is a
T-Bird I'd roll fuckin everywhere! FAST!

Pic from Ohio Josh!

planes of fame museum

you never know what you might see fly when you are there...

Neat stuff hiding in Decker's shop...

Groovy Triumph...

and Lucky of course...

Ahhh... a nice day in the LBC

Lauren is STILL a doll!

May 26, 2008

I love my TL1000s

When I don't ride it for a while, I almost forget how fun it is.
and I love my new Michelin Pilots...

one day, this bike might be a street tracker, but until then, its damn fun.
But, I do need a new rear seat cover deal like the one on it, the plastic mount is all fallen apart...

6 more blogs I didnt add that day...

Here you go, these ones got lost in my favorites

Road Course Blog Adam Wrights book deal

Sparetime Another killer Japanese blog

Skallywag Magazine Oh yes....

Superco Trevelen's Super Company Customs

Test and Research Pilots, Aircraft Engineers Amazing history

CHOP EX MACHINA Wrenchbenders Blog

I am also adding "the list" to the right of my blog permanently

Most insane Knuck I ever rode...

built by Sundance Japan

Let's goto the races!

She's back for Memorial day!

Pic by Bob Coulter

Model Airplane News...

Some of the coolest aircraft artwork came from the model magazines fron the 30s and 40s...

May 25, 2008

The glory of the Dunlop K180

pic by Anastacia Percell

P-82 Twin Mustang

THis is the twin fuselage version of the P-51 Mustang....

This is the most amazing pic i have seen in a long time..

the giant deal betweel the fuselages is the radar array...

p-61 Black Widow

The P-61 Black Widow

This is a neat drawing of the induction system for the P-61

B-25 Mitchell

There are really very few things as beautiful as a polished aluminum vintage airplane.

Check out more neat stuff like this at

New Order Chopper Show!


May 24, 2008

One more neat thing to do in Des Moines

Okay, once you have gotten drunk at the Kung Fu and/or the GT and hung out at the Church of Choppers...
go see Dennis at The Cyclepedia.
His shop is what a chopper shop used to be, tons of killer shit everywhere and neat chopper shit everywhere!
Go see him!!!

And check out his killer early 90's style shovel with the kilelr ness frame and swing arm, the crazy gold leaf scrollwork and the Pat kennedy rocker boxes!!!!

Check it out

Hot White Chicks in Japan!

May 22, 2008

And now...

Okay, you are looking at my blog, I know that you probably look at a bunch of different ones.
I do as well. All kinds of weird shit.
I am constantly adding and deleting blogs, but
this is my current list. It's in no particular order, at all. Well 'cept the first one.

The List

Church of Choppers The reason I have a blog, Jeff rules, he said "You should do a blog" so here I am.

Gizmodo CRazy Gadjet shit

Crazybabe Bob Coulter's site, the most insane, hottest naked girls anywhere

Death Machine Kyles Death Machine

Wingnuts The vintage club

The WORLD/ Psycho Wheels Nao's killer shop in Japan

Modern Mechanix Great stuff!

Fuck You Heroes '78 Itsumi's insane blog, I wish I could read it.

4Q Conditioning Max Schaff's

Claire Adams: an optimistic view of 42 Claire is a doll, a really flexible one.

Deadalicious Crazy French guys with neat shit

Scooter McRads Neat hot rod shit

Ashley Blue Wow, all I can say is read it.

Iamacatrancher Heather is insane, she rules, and insane in a good way.

Flying Dutchman's His blog is back

Beer Bait & Ammo yup!

Mostly Uninteresting is pretty Interesting, thanx Mike!

Strobist Photo stuff

The Vintagent Great old motorcycle stuff

BaD ADVICe Kimberly Kane, yes she rules.

FAKE Another rad Japanese site

Toons at war neat vintage Disney WWII artwork

Joe Smith Racing Not really a blog, but neat

((( NOISE ))) T-Bones new blog

Okay, thats the current list. I will also in a week, (When it's off the first page) make this list of blogs a permanent part of my blog.

I'm going to bed now.

and don't send me your blog and ask to be on the link list damnit! But feel free to send me the address of neat blogs. Especially vintage aviation related ones...


In an aviation book, in a chapter titles "Practical Value of Superchargers"

notice the intercooler in front of the blower...
this book was written in 1929....

Scary shit 18

Okay this page freaks me out...
I left the picture big because I want someone to tell me what video game that is on the right?
Im not sure about the other stuff.

and notes to who???

More Emily Marylin!

Thanx to Bob Coulter

May 21, 2008

the price of flying..

Would be worth it if we still had these...

ahhhh, holes...

Killer tweeker drill job!

Insane BMW riders...

So, I was up in downtown LA this afternoon and I wasn't done up there til 5ish, so there was traffic.
Yes I was on my TL, so I was ready for it.
I took the 110 to the 105
as soon as I got on the 105 I came up on a guy on a BMW riding two up.

he was hauling ass like a fuckin pro! Full on urban assault riding. It ruled.
We rode together, well, I trailed him all the way to my off-ramp off the 605
Oh yeah, he was riding the new bmw sport tourer, FAST!

i have also heard stories of guys riding in the rain, fast 85mph or so, an then getting passed by BMW guys riding well over a hundred in the fuckin rain!
So what happens when you buy one of these bikes?

You get sent to urban assault riding school or what?

Looked like that cept it was silver and going just over 100mph inbetween the carpool lane and the traffic lanes...


pic by Bob Coulter, taken for CrazyBabe!
also, check out his BLOG
His photography fuckin rules! He shot some KILLER stuff in my shop!
Stay tuned for lots more!