You learn from what's killing you.

August 31, 2008

Scott and Sugar Bear

Scott is one of the guys responsible for the X-Wedge, smart mother fucker.
and Sugar Bear, well, I was honored just to talk to him...

if god had a hammer...

oh yeah, he does and this is it...

Maggie probably too this one too... she rules...
yeah thats Maggie with Motoyan!

August 30, 2008

The Bolt Grinder

by Tim Wallingford, Custom Cycle Engineering


Mochi would say "rollin Vietnam truck style"

More Brittney!

Girls of Sturgis

August 27, 2008

girls of Sturgis!

This girl was workin at Rhett Rotten's wall

I never saw Rhett anywhere...

in case no body has noticed, I am a thigh guy, some people like boobs, im a thigh guy...

Everybody loves a 383 Cuda

Cept nelson, he likes 340 cuda's...

Competition Engineering

Piston set for your Ace anyone?

For all the people that like Bob Coulter's Pix I post of Emily Marilyn...

The ENTIRE set went up live on Bob Coulter's site CRAZYBABE today!
So, if you like Emily, check it out!

Check it out anyway, NO ONE shoots girls the way Bob does, he fuckin rules!!!

Holy Crap

Look how many missions this P-38 flew!

August 26, 2008

David Price

David and Danielle Price is the guy that made our (Jeff and Mine) trip to Sturgis as stress free as possible, cept for dealing with all da bikers... haha
He offered us a place to stay, a garage to stick our cycles, a place to park, a clean place to sleep, and even a clean bathroom with shower. and then he bbq'd brats for us and even made us breakfast one day. He then took us to the most amazing junkyard in the planet, and then when Jeff split, gave me a truck to drive while my bikes were stuck in AMD and Lichter's show.

this is his shovel, it won first place in the Horse show at Sturgis, clean as hell!

DAve YOU RULE!!!!! thanx again for everything!!!! and email me!
and I know that Jeff seconds all this!

Unadan's Kniebracher

unadan's bike is in the new Horse magazine, on the stands now!

the GT

its entirely possible that the one and only Maggie took this... I don't remember

Competition Engineering

Sweet paint at the choppermeet

The girls of Sturgis

August 25, 2008

August 24, 2008

Everybod loves

a Bultaco!
Thanx to Jim for the pic!

P-38 In Hawaii!

At Hickam field on Oahu in 1945

Norbert's Pan!

From Germany up in Sweden for the A-Bombers picnic!

I love this bike, really reminds me of my pan before I took the fatbobs off, LOVE IT!!!
Thanx to Norbert for the pic!

August 23, 2008

Linkert Carb Parts ID help!

anybody hear of a brass linkert float bowl???
I looked at all my stuff and can't find a reference to one anywhere.
Warren has one as is curious as to its origin!

if you have an idea post it to the comments!


Love me a nice 74" Flathead, this in Yorg with his, in Athens, Greece!!!

Pic by Yorg

this one is for Calypso...

this is Calypso,

she shoots for Wild Magazine in Paris, even though she is actually from Belgium
She fuckin rules, killer photog and shes fun as hell.
she didnt know what a funnel cake was, so, this is for her

Mind you, these are very fancy funnel cakes....

August 22, 2008


Hell fuckin yeah, you are my fuckin hero!!!!
He is the publisher/editor/hero behind Hardcore Chopper Japan, someone borrowed my first issue of HCC and never gave it back, I have been trying to get one for a few years, (I'm on the cover, it's pretty fuckin rad)
When I got home today and checked my mail, there was a package from Mako, I just figured that it was an extra version of the newest issue with Jeff on the cover, but NO!!!
It is issue one!!!!

S&S Glory

This is George Smith's, one of the founders of S&S', original test bed bikes. This was his vision of what a custom bike should be.
Twin Linkerts with regulator mount in the stock carb position.
Custom made side fill oil tank and finned oil filter assembly
His footpeg mounts
It also is one of his early stroker motors, 84" pan power!
Neat fenders as well!

Pic from Howard Kelly of S&S, thanx Howard!

Oury grips

I finally got new ones! Fancy red ones for my TL.. The old ones have had it.
Best ten dollar grips on the planet.

So, if you have an air cleaner on order....

Watch your mail next week....
Pegs too!


August 21, 2008

The Rusty Nail

By Brawny Built
Brawny fuckin rules, killer detailing on all his bikes. Killer shit!

and he's really funny when he's so drunk he can't see straight!
Killer pic by Mark over at Joyrides Art Co! Check him out!

Competition Engineering