You learn from what's killing you.

June 29, 2008

June 26, 2008

Raddest paint ever

Well, cept the deer tank...

it was hot

at bonneville...

Hot Rod

Everybody loves Hot rods

well, cept donnie...

June 25, 2008

it became Summer four days ago

It's always Summer with Summer!

Agnostic Front


Everybody loves weinerdogs!

S&S 50th Voting!

Go to the S&S site and vote for your favorite bike for the build off!!

There are some killer bikes up there, even tho they all arent up yet, from what I have seen a couple of them are amazing!
So go vote for your favorite!

You should all come too, if you can...

June 24, 2008

Yee haw!

Maiden voyage from church of choppers to the kung fu tap n taco!
Carb is still a bit off, it has a thunderjet and is all set up for a velocity stack so its still a bit outta wack but should make it to lacrosse no problem!


Sweet '58

June 23, 2008

Hippodrome Studio


here I am at john wayne airport about to fly to iowa..
and I spot what appears to be a b-17 across the airport!

its that shiny thing just off to t he left...

2006 gnrs

Mitch Allread's Shovel

This bike was wa ahead of it's time, I took this pic in 99 i believe.
killer cycle.

S&S 50 Anniversary Bike Build Off and Weekend!

So, I leave for Des Moines in a few hours, then will be riding up to

for the Anniversary Deal!
with Jeff Wright, Fatty, and a bunch or other derelicts because Jeff's S&S Shovel is in the 50th Build off.

It also turns out that S&S asked me to be in the build off as well with my X-Wedge!
Very Cool! Even though if it came down to voting between mine of Jeff's I'd have to give it to Jeff, his bike KILLS it!

So this bike will be in LaCrosse as well!

And FRIDAY NIGHT IN LACROSSE, there is the mandatory COC party!

So, if you can make it come down, or up, depending where you are comin from, DO IT FUCKERS!!!


June 22, 2008

Ultimate Chopper - Ultimate Metal

Okay, there are some things I hold dear in this world.
One of them is good old metal. Not motley crue, not skid row, but
now, it doesn't get more metal than the Obsessed
With Wino at the helm, they recorded some of the best, heavyest metal ever.
Then the Obsessed disbanded and Wino went to LA where St Vitus was formed.
St Vitus is in my opinion the heavyest metal ever, slow, heavy, brutal.

He then left St Vitus to reform the Obsessed.
Then Spirit Caravan.
He then moved on to record a record with Place of Skulls.
His newest creation is Hidden Hand, led by the insanely real and haunting Wino vocals.

One of my favorite St. Vitus songs is a song called Born To Late, (It's on my myspace profile)

This picture PROVES it.

This is Wino on his Panhead. He was obviously born too late.

Pure metal, Pure chopper.
Wino has always been one of my heroes, but when my ex-wife gave me this pic (Thanx Tam,) it just about wrecked me, this is the real deal, on every level.

Scott "Wino" Weinrich
what a fuckin ruler.

Sweetest biker tattoo


June 21, 2008

Ok, its true, I am a Star Wars nerd

and when I was a little kid, my favorite toys in the world were legos, that is before I discovered the fun of fireworks, you know building them into models and lighting them on fire so they explode...

anyway, this is the coolest lego set EVER!!!
The Mother fucking DEATH STAR!!!

And look at all the rad figures!!!


thats no moon, thats a space station!!!

I love Red Glyptal

Even more that I found it in spray form!

What the fuck is this!?!

Damn it was hot today...

Yeah this has nothing to do with today's weather...
I did have to clean foot prints off my gas tank...

so sad... the YRB-49a

The YRB-49A took off on its first test flight on May 4, 1950. Its first flight was from Hawthorne to Edwards AFB. Tests were conducted at Edwards AFB for a period of time. On August 10, 1950, during its tenth test flight, the cockpit canopy blew off, tearing away the pilot's oxygen mask and injuring him slightly. Fortunately, the flight engineer was able to supply enough emergency oxygen to the pilot so that he was able to land the aircraft safely.
In early 1952, the YRB-49A was flown to Northrop's Ontario International Airport facility for the installation of a device that would improve the stability. However, at this time the Air Force had cut off further funding for the YRB-49A project, and the aircraft remained sitting out in the open in dead storage for a period of time. It was finally scrapped by the Air Force in November of 1953.

This may be the remains of the YRB-49A.

June 20, 2008

Yes the duck is coming too...

Stay tuned here for an announcement for all my new stuff in a few days...

Coming soon

Very soon....

Mondo Bizarro!

More shots of Krantz' panhead!

Thanx to Corner for the pix!

Detail shots of Mondo Bizarro!

This rules

Thanx to Gorner for the pic!

June 19, 2008

Dave Mackie Strikes again!

”El Mondo Bizarro”

Another killer chop

Built by Krantz-Sinners Sweden

Again Krantz nails it!
Thanx to Corner for the pix!


Howard sent me this pic of someone wheelieing a dyna, he claims it's him...

Then Jeff...

"Borrowed" Howard's bike to show him how it is supposed to be riden..

pic by Howard Kelly