You learn from what's killing you.

November 30, 2009

Where it all started...


pic courtesy of Jeff, thanx man!

November 29, 2009

WHY do I suck SO BAD????

Why this hasn't been up from the beginning is beyond me.

check out the NO FUTURE KREW

and Moto, email me!

November 27, 2009

November 25, 2009


I suck this week, been super busy being pissed at parts that arent good enoug to ship to anyone...
cept the buckles, those are workin out killer...
Hope you all have a good Turkey day.

all i want to do is eat stuffing, i love stuffing.....

new stuff tomorrow night, i have to sleep as i have to work tomorrow half day...


November 23, 2009

November 20, 2009


Lisa loves Fridays....

or we just love Lisa on fridays...

Killer pic

From Opee at S&S, taken in Amsterdam...

November 19, 2009

Oh yeah..

Kostas' dog!

Ok, who is

This girl!?!


Ok... Pix from Greece!

My buddy Kostas sent these killer pix of his bikes

Oh yeah, this is at 3am somewhere in Italy, thats Kostas second from the left, he is in italy on his HONEYMOON!!!!! but hes completely smashed with us! He rules!!!

luckily his wife still talks to him...


Gee Bee anyone?

Wow! killer tattoo!


November 16, 2009

dont wantt to be a 2%er???

Yes, shes a doll...

That woulda been

a kick ass party

Looking for more old crap!

Need a vintage license plate frame for the 40's california mc plates

With a dealer logo etc preferablly


Tryin to locate one for Can't Stay Jose!


November 10, 2009

Here and fuck you.

Floating Goat

ok, again

Ok, my shit just got all fucked up.

So, i just got home and i sat down here and i quickly looked at a couple blogs and as i brought up the ((HEAVY)) lifeisfuct-diekruzen blog I stepped away from the computer...
About 10 seconds later i was assaulted by HEAVY fuckin shit (My volume was way up) and to be quite honest, I havent been listening to much heavy stoner rock lately (AHHHHH St Vitus), just 80's punk rock, and the cult...

but holy shit it fuckin rules.
from San Fransico, wow, goto his site now and go to his music player and listen to it, it fuckin rules.

thanx Zach!

Has anybody actually seen this?

November 9, 2009

ok Scott, HERE!!!

where the hell has she been...


Why do i have a feeling that some sneaky japs came by my shop friday???


What is this gear from? was in a box full of misc sporty tranny and cam gears.
I personally don't know, so I need proof! or something. Oh yeah i should have measured it, it a bit over 3" i believe..

if someone actually comes up with it, I will send them something. Somethig good, I just don't know what yet.

November 8, 2009

Music Post!

Haven't done one in a bit, recently, (Thanx Damian) I have been listening to the Subhumans alot.
Then Mike (thanx) brought me 2 more Subhumans LP's on cd...

i bought the EP/LP
On Itunes, I felt guilty.
wish i had never sold these singles!

Hey Nelson!

we pity the demise of Hotel street

Hmmm, look who's pushin...

for that great escape...

They are all going away...

Ok, ANYONE who has ever flown into LAX has seen this billboard!
Its right on century outside the airport, but now the place is closed and this sign might even be gone allready.. Never went...

This is how all the good ones end up...