You learn from what's killing you.

February 28, 2011


are neat



Crazyest shit about this is that its 30 years old!!!

February 21, 2011

Randy Smith Alternator Covers.

If you remember this post here...

and you want one of those covers that Draven is pointing at, (It won't be covered with rusty chain oil from my blown engine main seal, I promise) I will be doing a very very limited run of these covers from Randy's pattern, and it will be JUST ONE RUN. So stay tuned this week as i'll be takin deposits for em.

and OK one more of Draven, with an unmachined cover...

Hmmm, who knows what that tattoo is on her forearm?

February 15, 2011



Check her out at The Doom Doll

the other thing that breeds innovation...

or breeded it for that matter, was WWII

twin super chargers made this 12 cyl engine put out 1150HP when it was first produced to 2030 in its last versions. merlin engines in race planes can me modified to put out close to 4000hp.

and this from an engine that was first built in this basic twin supercharged form in 1933.

naked angels...

Love it, wanna cut one up

glorious stuff in the LBC

racing is good

it promotes innovation

February 14, 2011

Too busy...

To post anything today, BUT!!!

goto Joe King Speed shop blog!!!

and go check out Draven at Doom Doll, pix of her coming...

ALso, if any of you have been waiting for the Randy Smith Alt cover, its happening, ill post wed on it.


February 9, 2011

February 8, 2011

Lucifer's Hammer. On the track.

So, you remember this bike, just before it was finished...

Well, its a runner.
On the way to the track...

Feelin her out

Fast Eddie Castro Runnin her in!

oh yeah, and video...

That big smile on Eddies face meant that Rod NAILED IT!!!

All your FXR's are slow.

So, I didnt make it out to Cinncinati this past week, but luckily my good buddy Barry Lacour, (From Top Shelf) made it out and took a few pix of the one bike there I really would have wanted to see.

This is a 132" Turbo X-Wedge in an FXR Chassis. Yeah you read that right. Yes I built an X-Wedge bike, I love the motor. Ask anyone who has riden my X-Wedge how much power it has. Mine is 117", this one is 132" and has a GIANT TURBO on it. This bike was built by none other than one of my heros Skeeter Todd. And, at the rear wheel this bike should put out more than 225 HP. Yeah 225HP.

Can't wait to hear it run!

What I been listening to lately...

So i have slowly been working on my playlist for

and there is so much stuff i really like that i haven't listened to in a long time.
Ok I lied, been listening to Acid King alot for a while now...

The newest Fu Manchu, stole it from Brando's truck to copy it, it rules.

Still the greatest straight edge record ever made. Stalag 13 - In Control
No good live footage...

and the Cult. I couldn't find any videos for my favorite cult songs but I've been drivin 9 1/2 nuts by listening to em non stop lately...

stay tuned to BLKBIKE for my playlist on there...

February 3, 2011

Still doin em...

worlds busiest picture...
My version of the original Motorshop frame.
Still sellin em.

Sadie, you will be missed

Well, I am sorry to say that we lost Sadie this week. She had been battling krohns disease for years and due to complications from her 12th surgery she passed away tuesday morning.
During the time that I have been shooting women in various states of undress, I have met some pretty cool people. Thanks to Bob Coulter, I met her last September. Sadie was by far one of the coolest people I have ever met. She was one of the most positive people and she just loved living life. I only met her the one time we shot in Brooklyn but I am happy that I did and that I got to shoot her, hang with her and really experience her huge personality.=! I know that she will be missed by tons of people. So, here's to you April , it was a pleasure shooting and getting to hang with you. Your brand of crazyness ruled it!

Rest In Peace April