You learn from what's killing you.

May 29, 2011

Today is Memorial day

Almost half a million Americans died in WWII fighting to preserve the American way of life.
Almost 60,000 died in Vietnam.
Almost 1500 have died in Afghanistan to date.

Whether you agree with the war or the reasons behind it, DO NOT forget the ultimate sacrifices made by all the people who have given their lives fighting for our country
Or the sacrifices made by their families.

WE MUST NEVER FORGET. Take a moment today, if you can, to thank anyone you might know in the armed forces.

Thank you.

if you are within 1000 miles of Sweden...

you NEED to go!!!!

I had the time of my life there last year!!!

Coz I know many of you have never seen this...

May 25, 2011

You should all come to Santa Fe Deli this saturday!!!..

It's the last Saturday of the month already...

so ride, drive, walk, pedal, run. I don't care!

Come down, hang out!


Good food, good fun.

Santa Fe Importers
1401 Santa Fe Ave.
Long Beach, CA 90813


T-Rod and Gene at harley night!

thats them in the orange helmets. and this is there SECOND time ever on a track with other bikes! racing against guys with years and years of exp.
TEAM 25 is gonna destroy them.

You should go!

the Dayglo Abortions

This record is right up there with SNFU's first release as an epic punk record!

May 20, 2011

Flattrack Glory

Classic Tera

Can't go wrong...

jeff Decker having fun in Sturgis '08

where has Claire been!!!

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Goto Costa Mesa Sat night!!!


thats his new 56? tooth sprocket for his Harley powered (Yes it's the only one in the world) new Zealand style sidecar.

he will be racing it at Costa Mesa this saturday, go see him run it, he's insane, and now has the 1000cc short stroke evo in it that revs to 9000rpm!!

T-rod and Gene will destroy everybody with it.

Thanx Paulo!!!

got this in the mail today, stoked!!!

Spy fotos...

Roland Sands Design is having an open house tomorrow night...

Just a couple of fuzzy fone pix of top secret shit...

think his new site is launching any minute too...

May 13, 2011

May 11, 2011

Misti Dawn

Go check out her site!!!
Misti Dawn

The first night the Bomb pop ran...

The Bomb Pop in its brand new glory the day we first fired it.

Yokohama '07

When I was making my stand...

My wheel hasnt been so clean since and it wasnt that clean then!

Looks better with Krysta tied to it tho...

Krysta Kaos

Lookin forward to this!

on the big screen!

Who the hell are these weirdos...

Went and saw THOR last night

fuckin loved it! despite being paranoid about how they were gonna make the superhero in the dress NOT be really lame...


Miss you Yuta

Kym is back!

ok she never left

so beautiful...

nothing like contra rotating props...

Coco Velvett

Poor Elvis...

One of my Heroes.

Skeeter Todd, with his 132 inch turbo X-Wedge. 230hp at the rear wheel...

Model Kits?

complicated shit.. wish it was bigger

for a time...

This was where it was at!

I love blueprints!

if you are in Iowa...

check out the Cyclepedia!

Insane collection of neat stuff!

October '11

May 4, 2011

Saturday June 11th
DICE Magazine

at Kung Fu Tap & Taco.
No frills, just a good old fashion biker bar party.
Free beer & tacos to anyone riding from more then 200 miles away.
A free tank of premium gas, a $100.oo and t-shirts to the
one (or group) that rode from the furthest away.
A free FTWCO event t-shirt to all that ride in from out of town.
$1 Hamms.
$1 Tacos
Camping behind bar.
Taco eating contest.
Noon till 2am.
Sprint Car Races 20 minutes away in Knoxville.
Hotels very close.
CoC open house 2-4pm.
Maps available for points (bars) of interest.

Friday June 11th
And for those of you that really like to pour it on...
Pre-party at GT Race Lounge Fri night.
Al Brown (of the Gorilla Biscuits) spinning music.
Dirt Track Races 5 minutes from bar (Iowa State Fairgrounds).
Sprint Car Races (20 minutes away) in Knoxville.

More stuff to come.