You learn from what's killing you.

September 30, 2008


My computer is kinda ll back, I still need to do a bunch of moving stuff around.

But, I got my email all back, so if you sent m,e an email and havent heard from me, bear with me, i'll get to it within the next two days.

So, i had to go up to downtown LA and pickup some wax chasing supplies, Jedd and Kyle, you will be happy about that.
that was no big deal, but I had to run up to the valley and on my wy to the valley I learned a valuable lesson
I was in the fast lane of the 101 heading north on my TLS, accelerating up to my normal travel speed, shifting into 6th and , nothing. downshifted, nothing...

I look down and there is my chain , trailing from the side of my swingarm...

I immediately get over and roll off at echo park. I make some calls and i get a ride to a few different bikeshops, looking for the correct masterlink.

Not easy to find.
But, i made it over to Cycle shop, on 1645 N Glendale, the guys there had a link! wth a clip no less, not a presson one that I wouldnt be able to install.
Rad, I go back to my biker and get it on

sort of

the outer plate (OF COURSE) is too tight to press on the back link.

I dont want to buy more tools, i had already gone and bought a 8mm wrench to get the front spkt cover off.

So I do another stupid move, i stuck the clip on without the side plate!
I only did it coz the shop was all of a mile and a half away and i'd go slow...

So, I made it over there and one of the guys fully fixed it up for me, pressed it on clipped it, lubed it and even did an adjustment!
so, if you are ever over ther and you need something stop in and tell em i sent ya!

Mike rules!

I had seen the shop a million times but had never been in...


It;s 2:20 am tuesday morning, I am back up and running. Almost, I have to recopy all my email into windows and then I can get back to replying to emails...

What a pain this has been. About 5 years ago, i had a hard drive fail. Cost me over a thousand dollars to get all my stuff back.
Now I have everything running backups nightly to 2 different external drives. But now I realize that i need to have backups of my mail program stuff too, then i coudl have just reformatted and reinstalled and i'd have been fixed last night...

Oh well, I'm goin to bed, have to be up in downtown LA tomorrow morning at 9 and then into the valley to pick up some other stuff...



September 29, 2008


I hate computers and the internet
My phone died and I had t reboot it and reinstall everything
My computer took a dump and I just did a full windows reinstall
On my home computer
I dont remember how to get the internet back up

One of those days
I think I did it in a way that I can get all my email back

Fuck I hope so....


I still hate mondays

but this helps, Claire is a doll.

Sometimes I hate computers....

like today, my computer and my phone both needed overhauls.

phone no biggie
well its gonna take me a few days to clean up the fucking mess.

i have a ton of emails i was going to reply to tonight but i stil cant get to em.
but, i was able to grab one pic off my desktop to my laptop
here it is!

i cant find your email, but I will and I LOVE this pic!

a CH in front of the fuckin Coliseum in ROME!!!! sweet!!!

September 28, 2008


Done got themselves a purty flathead....

The man behind the Mert Lawwill Street tracker


What a fuckin hero, so few real heros in this world, Mert is one of them.

The glorious



September 26, 2008

Death Machine Corpse

check em out!

Death Machine Corpse

Thats where you can order them points covers!

September 25, 2008

The Syndicate

Erik and Tim keepin it real


Still my favorite factory badge

Death Machine Corpse

If you are waiting for one of these...
it's in a box on it's way to the Death Machine Headquarters right now

See Maurice?

Ava got her booty dirty...

so dirty that we had to use MEK to clean it off!
haha, oops...

September 24, 2008

September 22, 2008

Today was a tough day

Yes I have talked about selling my panhead.
Yes I have just about finished the rear brake linkage.

and today, i took my club stuff off the oil tank so I can sell it...

That sucked.
I love this bike, but i built myself into a corner with it, I can't change it, well I could but I'd never be happy with it.
So, it goes and I start on other projects.

Sweet cover


Shovel frame...

This mount will be super neat
when it's done

It's all about the metal...

Claire knows it...

September 20, 2008

September 18, 2008


Sweet shit...


does time go?


now if only there was a Zippy's here...

Rad pix

go over to Church of Choppers and look at Jeff's killer pix he took at the MotoGP weekend in Indy...

Killer shit


I'd love to have a huge shop full of neat old test equipment!

Hey Scott


Power Plus


Need one?