You learn from what's killing you.

November 28, 2011

Blogger weirdness...

Ok so when you click on a pic now it opens a new window where you cant see the pic you posted full size. If you right click on it and click "Open in new window" then its full size, or at least gives you the option to see it full size. is there any way to have it back how it used to be?


3/4 sprint car anyone?

January in November?

if this pic gets 5 or more comments, i'll drop a fuckin bomb fulla pix of January this week...

the "Snow Whites"

Belladonna Trackers Ruling it

Thanx to Dia and Paris

Iron Horsemen MC

Thanx Charlie!

and Mike, hit me up directly at mail at

GO NOW and GET IT!!!

Gratuitous Butt Shot for Monday


November 21, 2011

New Post over at

the Bardahl blog.

Milkhaus Speed Research was in the house last week.

If you don't know what these are, you probably wont want one. If you do know, you probably will.

Hit up Adam at Milkhaus Speed Research if you want one.


Gratuitous Butt Shot(s) for Monday

I miss Sadie CrazyBabe.

November 13, 2011

Two Wheel Bandits!

The Hammer of God is for sale!

This is a chance to own what is, in my opinion the most Epic shovelhead EVER built. Built by the one and only Jeff Wright of Church of Choppers.

We would also be willing to trade it for a nice, running STOCK pre 57 panhead or knucklehead rider. An older restoration would be ok too.
hit me up at mail at if you are interested in a trade.

Chopperdaves Book Review

I got to spend a bunch of time with my friend Maqi in NY in September, thats her below.

Shes a writer, a damn good one at that! She wrote the 'Tattoo in Japan" book i wrote about a while back here.
This is her new book. Kicks Japan.

It's a total japanese sneaker fetish book.

Its rad.

Kick ass look into part of the japanese sneaker sub-culture

full of neat shit, Japanese street culture and yeah, sneakers of all kinds!
They are for sale at Urban Outfitters or buy one online here!

Thanx Julia Smut!

Mother fucking POISON IDEA!!!!

kinda crazy coz i have been listening to Kings of Punk nonstop this past week.

November 10, 2011

Aria Aspen

Lots more to come...

Aria Aspen



at the Galaxy!

Dirty Mouth

Norrtalje - 2 years ago.

At the end of the show, we find the right spot, start shooting the bike and then it happened...

The blonde comes out of nowhere and she starts licking the tire. Just.Like.that.

She was not related to that used tire whatsoever. She just stopped by and started to clean the roadkill off of it.

Then after a while, she left - with her dirty, dirty mouth!


November 7, 2011

Reposting a post from about 4 years ago

I was reading a book earlier that Dre got me for Xmas a few years ago, Skate and Destroy: The first 25 years of Thrasher, killer book, I was only really a Thrasher reader during the mid to late 80s while I was skating and consistantly hurting myself. I was never all that great of a skater... But I was lookin through the covers in the book and it made me think of some other covers of magazines that were huge influences on me.

Mike Vallely
and Metallica in 86!

Then it made me remember a Flipside issue, now all I could remember for sure was the green cover, so after wasting at least 45 min tryin to find it online, BOOM I found it! That issue itself influenced me in a GIANT way, its becasue of it that i started listening to Samhain, and Agnostic Front, and went to see SNFU and got the record "and no one else wanted to play" that I still listen to, to this day! Then you got Uniform Choice, which ended up with me being straight edge for about 4 years, til i started drinkin again when i was 20, then it all was downhill!!! now i am clean again, For ME only, i dont give a shit what anybody else does, but not straight edge coz everybody now has to preach their fuckin beliefs and i HATE being told that i HAVE to do or can't do anything.

That rules!
Then of course I have to repost the magazine that fully destroyed me, Iron Horse 76, I was just out of high school and within months of me seeing this magazine I was riding a fucked BSA chopper with 18" over forks!