You learn from what's killing you.

February 29, 2008

This Bike is fuckin neat

Built by Shop Sams

The Bardahl Special

Yes, I collect Bardahl stuff, and the hardest stuff to find is the aviation stuff, that, of course, is the stuff I look for the most!

Here is the Bardahl Special... P-51 Mustang



yes, she's back...

nice chop!

Kinner Radial

I still miss Eric...

February 28, 2008


This is what happens when you over rev your panhead repeatedly

the pushrod ball socket breaks off...
then you ride back home on the freeway with your friend mark on a rd350 reaching over and pushing you up hills so you keep forward momentum.

Marks Back Pt 2 by Scott Sylvia

February 27, 2008

The Rolls Royce Merlin

Wingnuts Motorcycle Club

The Wingnuts Motorcycle Club were formed with pure nostalgia and love for vintage bikes in mind. The real deal, 1960 and earlier bikes, mainly bobbers, stockers or racers. The Wingnuts are dedicated to the preservation of motorcycle clubs as they were in the 40's and early 50's.

This is the first Wingnuts Derby, check it out! And bring your early Iron!


Garage Built

Everybody needs a family pic...

February 26, 2008

Someone was complaining about airplane posts...


really, what is cooler than this shit??? EVERYTHING on your otorcycle can pretty much be traced back to something that was done on a damn airplane first...

In case you wanted to know...

Dustin and I went to the Hawaiian Place by my shop for lunch today, very tasty. We also saw that the chopsticks come with instructions!

now you can eat all the gyoza you want!

So Cal Weather

Yes I live in So Cal,
yes, we that live in So Cal are blessed with amazing weather
yes, it was nice today, i rode to the beach in a t-shirt.

i hope all you people out there who are freezing thaw out soon!

February 25, 2008

Race fun!

morris magneto cover...

ill be able to do covers machined for the morris magneto housings as well.... just not these ones. this design was a special for Cool Breaker '06.

picked up the tc prototype points covers from the polishers and they kick serious ass! I don't have a good camera here today so you have to wait til tomorrow to see em.

February 24, 2008

this guy

should be sooo lucky to have Alyson standing with his, uhhh, motorcycle...

February 23, 2008

Musink Tattoo Show

So, Kat Von D, done went and had a Tattoo show this weekend. It was pretty damn cool. I did the trophy awards for the show, thanx Rox!

Musink Tattoo Show

Brandon and his future X-wife Joanna Angel...

Musink Tattoo Show

This guy is tryin to be like Goose with his damn fancy pants...
nope, sorry

Musink Tattoo show

Th one and only Juan Puente!
Check him out at Spotlite Tattoo!
Juan is a fuckin hero!

Musink Tattoo Show

this is Brinn (not sure on spelling) from HB tattoo.
i like armpit tattoos on pretty girls, not sure why...

Musink Tattoo Show

Dave Sanchez tattooing

this is for mitch!

dont think it comes wit 2 scoops though... sorry cuz

February 21, 2008

66x Amal backing plates!

Did these as a custom job for someone and since he doesn't want them, I am going to offer them to everyone! They slip over the aluminum or steel thread-on sleeve for an Amal Concentric or Monoblock carb and stay on with set screws. This one is my protoytpe and from now on they will use 3 set screws instead of two. Once I get the thread on sleeves for them (they are different) I will be able to machine them to fit, and since the pattern is done I can do lots!

Ill keep you posted!

now if only my filter elements show up I can ship the air cleaners I have ready!

A couple more GNRS pix

Killer gen Shov from japan, built by Haneda

Knuck by Paul Wheeler


February 20, 2008

Drags in Colorado...



brought me some crazy midget bananas!


Punk Rock

This is Adriana
she sings in a punk rock band up in ole canada called the Homewrekers

Why she knows Jose is beyond me...

She rules!

February 19, 2008

CJ Allan

there are so few true "Real" people in the world anymore.

CJ Allan is one of them, and a real talented motherfucker as well!

The best engraver around, like no other.

These are the boxes he did for me for my knuckle, I sent them to him before I knew the rear one would need some mods to the pushrod pockets. I don't have the heart to start cuttin em up and fuck em up. So, they are one of my favorite motorcycle parts.
Thanx CJ!