You learn from what's killing you.

June 30, 2011

Last Sunday SLEEP played in LA.

I am a a huge High On Fire fan, HUGE. By far one of the gretest metal bands of all time, in my opinion.
I have always likes Sleep, Pike's first band. I listen to the song Jerusalem, just about every single day. its 52 minutes long, its heavy it rules. But overall I still like HOF better.

Now, i was stoked to go, mind you, totally, but after seeing them live, it's a whole new world of destruction. HOLY FUCKING SHIT WASIT HEAVY. wow, Fukin mind blowing.

i will go, no matter what to see them anytime they decide to play againwithin 5-6 hours of me.
One of the heaviest performances I have ever seen.

Sat night, Get ready to BREAK shit!!!

June 29, 2011

Sept 17th NYC

3rd Annual Brooklyn Invitational

The new useless bike I will forever regret not buying at the swap.

Sooo fuckin rad.

My favorite EX-Vegetarian.....

Eating a cheeseburger, im so proud.

and he has a blog back up too...

So, as none of my drives are hooked up...

There has been a shortage of naked girls.
but as i was looking for something else i realized that i have all my pics of January Seraph on here!
so here you go!

June 23, 2011

Wes Lang

Good fuckin advice.

Been movin computers around

and i dont have any of my picture drives hooked up rt now, but i did find this pic of Randy Moore...

and this pic of Kymberly Jane...

How to piss off everybody

in one fell swoop!
Remember this guy?
well, this is his shovel...


Awww, Jeff was sleepy...

Copeland is in the house.

The Glory of Twin DC Linkerts

June 16, 2011

Spent a bunch of time with

Nick and Sean, that are two of the guys behind this:

You should go. those two are heroic motherfuckers.

On the 26th, goto this.

Wink is a good fucking guy and an inspiration for all of us. Come down and support him.


Been slowin down a bit around here, but will be back in full swing soon. thanx for hanging in there!

Works too.

Why is the food so good in Iowa?

Not sure what was in these peppers, cept for some machaca, but DAMN, best ever.

yeah, a cow.


June 13, 2011

June 8, 2011

Its got pix of

Naked girls in it too..
And that's ALL good

Ok yeah. Choppers and other fucked up shit too.

Go here:


Got issue number 1 in the mail today!

Check it the fuck out! Its all about goin back to bummin out the straights...
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June 2, 2011


ChopperDave plays World Of Warcraft and he used to play Dungeons & Dragons before that and he made me go to Warhouse Games on Willow in Long Beach to look at fantasy figurines with him.

So I saw this video and reminded me of all this I been keeping a secret.

I feel so much better now. Much less burden I'm carrying.