You learn from what's killing you.

May 31, 2009


To whoever picked up my fucking kickstand off the ground at the Costa Mesa pits and WALKED OFF WITH IT.

I want it back!!! It was off coz i was running my bike on the track and it drags!!!

Street Chopper 40th Anniversary Party!!!

So, Dave and I made it to the Street Chopper show just in time to realize that we needed to be in Costa Mesa right then, so we could register to race on the speedway at Costa Mesa Speedway Harley Night!
So, needless to say we were only there for about 5 min, saw a few people and then we had to split,

BUT I did get ONE picture there...

Great fuckin legs!
Gotta love choppers!

Merlin engine anyone?

Stevie's Dyna

So, we spent late saturday morning into the afternoon putting this hot rod wheel on the back of stevies dyna, bad fuckin ass. and people say that a dyna can't be a street tracker. they are only too heavy before you cut most of the crap off!!!

August 9th!!!

You need to go!

thanx NAO!

May 28, 2009

Buy a Beezer?

'66 matchin numbers, $3750!

contact me!

Ok since someone always brings it up whenever i post race planes...

The Gee Bee Super Sportster

Just about the neatest mechanical anything ever built.

John sent this killer scan

out of a 1984 Supercycle mag! check out the name of the submission

haha!!!! ok im doin better

the 80's were fucked and killer all at the same time...
whoever picked these bikes, is the only guy in the 80's that did it right, fucked stock hds and custom ones all painted with a fuckin spraycan. sweet
willem Dafoe, Michael Pare, the Blasters and the one and only (HOT) Diane Lane


Ok so, on my way home I goto the market to get the ingredients to make "the haters favorite jambalya", it rules...
I've been in a foul mood all day, none of the stuff was ready at one foundry and one of the others closed for good thanx to our fucked up economy, so needless to say im not a happy guy today.
But then, I flop down in front of the tv before cooking and lo and behold..

May 21, 2009

It gets hot...


when Kym is around...

nice p-40

Oh yeah!

Ready to roll

talk about a gear driven cam...

fuckin sweet


Gotten a bunch of comments begging me not to modify the original. DON'T WORRY!
I would never modify Randy's, what I will do it pull a mold (like whizzerrick suggested) and then modify a copy. I have already pulled a mold off the original Holy peg pattern as it's wood and I dont trust any foundry to not destroy it!

Thanx for all the input, I appreciate it. I will be talking with Rick and Tim at CCE and who knows I might do runs of em both ways.

May 20, 2009

Custom Cycle Engineering

Here are my first bird deflectors cast from Randy Smiths original patterns!
they actually came out beautiful.
the one on the left is for S&S super E or G and the other is for S&S Super B or early Keihin or Bendix Carbs.

I will be doing a run of the ones for Super B very soon.
Not taking any orders til I have them in hand, and hopefully by then I'll have finished fixing up my ordering system online anyway. Its coming,,,

As far as the one for the E and G, its a tiny bit too small for the bolt pattern, It would be an easy fix for me to midify the pattern, but holy crap, modifying Randy's original pattern!?! I can't do it, well, at least I'm not ready to.

What do you people think, should I make it better so it fits perfectly,
(It's just a little thin after you drill it on the bottom 2 holes)
or should I leave it as is from his hands???

I am inclined to leave it, but I'd REALLY like peoples opinion!!!

Read that bottom part, I really need feedback on it!!!
Thank you


Planes of Fame Museum

you should go, its neat.

One o' them buzz bombs..

pretty crazy, the engine powering that thing is a big pulse jet, like:
and they fired that fucker up and DAMN i bet you could hear that thing, and feel it, MILES away.

This is the shit

I want to see, these 30's era Schneider racing planes fly, over water.

F8F Bearcat

F8F Bearcat

Painted in the colors fo the Thai Navy

Somebody wanted pix of Zero's

So, here you go, this is the ONLY Zero in the world running the original engine, period! There are 2 or 3 more that fly but this is the one original one. And it's here in the US! haha

F-4U Corsair

Radials are still the shit!

P-40 Warhawk

always loved that paintjob

Fairey Firefly


Main Rod

Chino Airshow Heritage flight

Not often you get to see 2 P-51d Mustangs, a P-38j Lighting and a A-10 Thunderbolt at once in the air