You learn from what's killing you.

February 8, 2011

All your FXR's are slow.

So, I didnt make it out to Cinncinati this past week, but luckily my good buddy Barry Lacour, (From Top Shelf) made it out and took a few pix of the one bike there I really would have wanted to see.

This is a 132" Turbo X-Wedge in an FXR Chassis. Yeah you read that right. Yes I built an X-Wedge bike, I love the motor. Ask anyone who has riden my X-Wedge how much power it has. Mine is 117", this one is 132" and has a GIANT TURBO on it. This bike was built by none other than one of my heros Skeeter Todd. And, at the rear wheel this bike should put out more than 225 HP. Yeah 225HP.

Can't wait to hear it run!