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April 17, 2008

Randy Smith's Custom Cycle Engineering

So, as you might know, Randy Smith is one of my all time chopper heroes.

If you don't know who he is, check this out.

Ok, well you might have seen this post about the Custom Cycle Engineering rotor cover, one of the coolest finned accessories ever for a HD big twin motor post 1970.

So, there are only 4 of them cast, two on bikes Randy built, one other and I have this one.

At some point soon I might be selling them for the Smith Family, cast from Randy's original patterns, once I get the machine work mapped out.

So, here is the one I have as I machine it for my flattrack evo.

Here is the cover chucked up so I can cut the gasket surface.

Here I am boring the lip for the case and for the rotor clearance.

Here it is after i drilled the holes. I see that i need to shift the holes a few degrees on future ones so it's dead center.

Here I am cutting the clearance for the belt or chain drive.

here before I cut the lower edge

Here it is mocked up with a sprocket, no lower end in it so I had to rig this deal up to check it.

The next one will be cut a bit different as my tranny is raised from stock..

Stay tuned!


Bird said...

Totally wicked dude.
Totally wicked.
Nice work!

Nads said...

Damn, that's nice, will a belt fit?

Big Scott said...

well dave i still think your work

Ridge Runner said...

Hey Dave, C'Mon Man,I can't wait any longer... I NEED one of these for my 'Shovelheap'...

Ridge Runner said...

Good Job Dave, C'Mon Man...I can't wait any looonger... I want one for the "ShovelHeap" Oh Yeah!