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June 22, 2008

Ultimate Chopper - Ultimate Metal

Okay, there are some things I hold dear in this world.
One of them is good old metal. Not motley crue, not skid row, but
now, it doesn't get more metal than the Obsessed
With Wino at the helm, they recorded some of the best, heavyest metal ever.
Then the Obsessed disbanded and Wino went to LA where St Vitus was formed.
St Vitus is in my opinion the heavyest metal ever, slow, heavy, brutal.

He then left St Vitus to reform the Obsessed.
Then Spirit Caravan.
He then moved on to record a record with Place of Skulls.
His newest creation is Hidden Hand, led by the insanely real and haunting Wino vocals.

One of my favorite St. Vitus songs is a song called Born To Late, (It's on my myspace profile)

This picture PROVES it.

This is Wino on his Panhead. He was obviously born too late.

Pure metal, Pure chopper.
Wino has always been one of my heroes, but when my ex-wife gave me this pic (Thanx Tam,) it just about wrecked me, this is the real deal, on every level.

Scott "Wino" Weinrich
what a fuckin ruler.


Anonymous said...

what about Bret Michaels and The Hollywood Taxi, bro?!?!? Come on!!

Skillit said...

Ha, Ive got an Obsessed marathon going on my Ipod right now.