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January 4, 2011

Rocket Queen Cupcakes.

Ok, this is my friend Jessica,
despite being a walking talking Frazetta painting she runs a company out of Corvalis, Oregon
She makes gournet cupcakes. Now its rare that I will meet a cupcake I dont like, it's true.
But altogether another thing to think they are exceptional cupcakes.
Rocket Queen makes an exceptional cupcake!

Now, mind you these cupcakes had been shipped on a monday, next day air. They lost the box and didnt show up til thursday. The box was mangled and the cupcakes had taken a small beating. And yes that is Candied Bacon there on them cupcakes!

Nelson was sure the cupcake was talking to him...
these cupcakes fuckin RULE! there is nothing better than a BACON CUPCAKE!!!!

wow they rule.
If you want to hit her up for a Bacon Cupcake or any of her other cupcakes, take a look at her website: Rocket Queen Cupcakes
tell her dave sent ya!


=mike= said...

Okay , next time you come down were going to go to the Riviera super club . It's a grill your own meat place , but they have side orders that are cooked in a kitchen and they have . . . . wait for it . . . for desert . . . . chocolate / bacon cake .

thebeuv1 said...

fuckin bad ass. I have a thing for dessert and lovely women. Where are my keys, I can be there in three hours.

Jessica said...

Mike, i JUST sent Dave some of our "war pig" cupcakes. Chocolate, bacon.....wait for it........chipotle W/ white choc. buttercream & the same candied bacon.

Greg......Seattle? I go up there quite often.