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July 30, 2008

Well boys and girls...

I'm in Iowa again (big surprise), Jeff Wright (Church of Choppers, duh!) and I are headed to Sturgis at some point tonight.

We both have our S&S 50th build off bikes going in the AMD show, and we both have bikes in Mike Lichter's Stay Gold show. Brawny Built also has a bike in the show as well.

Sturgis, wow, I'm really not one for big rally events but I have always had alot of fun at Sturgis.

A ton of killer people will be there, killer friends, you name it.

Jeff won't be out there the whole time, but I will be, well til the night of the 8th at least...

I'll be sending pix from my phone to the blog as often as possible as well.

I'm hoping to get a ton of shooting done out there, and will be goin all over.

For sure, I am going to go to as much of this as possible:

Other than that, find me if you are there, I'll be around....
as soon as I get back i have a bunch of product to pick up from the polishers to ship.


Anonymous said...

Im headed out there too. Was wondering If your bringing anything with ya to sell(t-shirts parts) and if so where can i find ya?

Anonymous said...

hey dave get some west coast chop and blings pics

Chopperdave said...

not sellin out there, just out for the shows, do have some hats with me tho! have no idea where tho, shoot me an email