You learn from what's killing you.

July 30, 2008

Posting comments

Well, a while back, OK, last week, i posted a pic of Kutty's gas tank on his new bike.
some asshole posting as anonymous had to go and make a comment about Kutty, talkin shit. No biggie, not cool, but no big deal.
but then he makes a comment about his wife Jamie.
yeah, you might have thought it was funny, but if thats the case own up to your post.
otherwise, it's out of line to make offhanded comments like that. period, about anybody's chick.
so, thanks to you, I have to moderate all comments on here now.



By Hand and By Brain said...

That happened at our spot too. I am really hating on the web right now.


Bigdeze said...

I saw em', I figured you'd can em' when you saw them. Anonymous internet badasses, what can you do?

Chopperdave said...

coz i wasn't moderating them from the get go, i can't delete em...

as much as i tried to.

=mike= said...

I had some pussy drip talk shit on my site too , no name or way to even really respond so I just let it go .

Anyone who talks shit anonymously on the internet deserves poke in the eye .

Sissies . . .