You learn from what's killing you.

March 31, 2008

Please Read

Last week my good friend Eric Webb and his wife Jacklyn lost their baby during birth.
Tim from Syndicate is having a benefit deal for them at Alex's Bar in Long Beach on April 13th.

This is a tough, tough time for them, so if nothing else keep them in your thoughts.

The flyer is to the right and it will stay there until after the benefit.

I love you two.



Beaner said...

Nothing on earth is worse than losing your child. I'm deeply sorry for Eric and Jacklyn's loss.

Mochi said...

I am so sorry...I am praying for your baby...
We love you Eric.

Mochi Hiromi O-kun Meg

scotthn said...

thats pretty cool of you dave. my sister lost her baby last week, and there in pretty rough shape right now too.