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October 15, 2015

The '53

So, here it is, the heart of the '53.
I was supposedly rebuilt, it fired right up second kick.
i took it apart anyway.

The pistons and heads look OK, i haven't blasted them yet,  pistons are .030" over and the cylinders need some fin repair.

So, who knows, but the lower end...
the right side case came off easy, with the case race stuck to the pinion shaft with rollers that were too tight.   so it needs an oversize case race, and new rollers...

the left side, the flywheels came right out but the bearings,thrust washers and spacers were stuck in the case race as it had too much end play and it hammered the case race making  the cages etc impossible to get out until i trimmed the race enough to fully disassemble,

so its going to need new case races, both sides and line bored to make them fully straight,  then we can reset up all the bearings,
will split the flywheels as well as i don't trust them...

might use different dual carb heads...  might not... might use a magneto, might not..  all unknown

all i know is that the entire engine internally is getting every single moving part, bearing etc coated with Mach Modified's engine coatings to virtually eliminate drag,
then i will reassemble, as it needs to be fully ready to build yet disassembled to properly apply the coating system...

it begins.

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