You learn from what's killing you.

May 5, 2015


this might be the single greatest post ever on IG. The most punk rock chopper post ever. Thank you @fearleevingofficial for making my day. #repost fearleevingofficial with @repostapp.
From Universal Studios "Streets of Fire" directed by Walter Hill, we are the" Bombers" motorcycle gang from some post apocalyptic future Brooklyn, N.Y. Willem is our leader and I'm "Greer", the gangs enforcer. In the not yet released sequel to "Streets of Fire", titled "Greer Sings", instead of futuristic violent struggle, the boys (the Bombers) get together for some musical comedy big production song and dance numbers. Check your local papers. LV #punkrock #streetsoffire #loveless #oneofthegreatestbikemovies

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