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April 3, 2012

The Great Star Wars Debate.

We thought we had seen all the epic battles in the Star Wars galaxy?
This is what I want to see!



We need a deathmatch between the two!!!
yeah i'm a Star Wars geek, fuck off.


Derol said...

Bantha, duh!
Dewbacks weren't even in the original.

bobx said...

i got money on the dewback.

Nick said...

Yes! I would love to see that! I think the Dewback would take it because they are more lizard like and seem to be more quick and agile. However I always thought the Bantha was one of the coolest looking creatures from the saga. I had dewback and sand trooper figures as a kid.

Check this out this Star Wars picture.

scotthn said...

bantha….hands down!

Unknown said...

willing to bet a krayt dragon eats them both and their riders.