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January 10, 2012

Killer Knuck

grabbed this pic off eBay a few years back.


"Mother" said...

That was alberts Hill climber seattle area bike , bad numbers .! Still rad though .

Chris said...

Think I saw that in Trents shed in NM a few years ago

gilbygtr said...

i was bidding on that bike & lost... i think jj got it ?

Unknown said...

that thing landed here a couple years ago. It was toast.. when I pulled the cam cover, about 2 cups of sand came out.. the cam chest/bottom end were literally packed with sand. Every single fin on the heads was broken and the cracks in the cases looked like they had been repaired with JB weld.
The frame was bent in a few directions and the backbone had been snapped a few times.
Really neat to look at all the hokey repairs all over this thing.
I told the guy to just use it as wall art. I dont know what happened to it since.