You learn from what's killing you.

February 15, 2011

the other thing that breeds innovation...

or breeded it for that matter, was WWII

twin super chargers made this 12 cyl engine put out 1150HP when it was first produced to 2030 in its last versions. merlin engines in race planes can me modified to put out close to 4000hp.

and this from an engine that was first built in this basic twin supercharged form in 1933.


curtis said...

War and Racing seems to be the only time things get created. All the cool things were invented before the 40's. Its when people had to work with there hands. The new engineers havn't created much with the computer there just making old ideas more efficent. Better metals. Look at the electric car it was invented in the 1890's. same with the turbo and supercharger.

Beaner said...

The engine that made the Mustang go from Ho-hum to Hot Damn!