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February 1, 2011

Hey Sportbike guys!

HEY!! any of you guys who ride late model sportbikes, (I know you are out there) could you do me a favor??? Go measure your forks! measure from the axle center to the top of the top tree! and post it in the comments! Prefferably bikes with radial mount calipers!!!
I REALLY appreciate it!!!



Rusty Knuckles said...

Lookin' at roughly 26 5/8ths on my Buell

Hero Garage said...

2008 Buell 1200ss 26 7/8th" with the weight of the bike on it.

Big Guy said...

axle center to top of of top tree is 27.25 inches. my Buell 1125 CR.

Red Torpedo said...

GSX-R1000K5 - 720mm (+/- a mm or 2) from axle centre to top of triple tree. This is the radial brake model.

Curtis said...

hey Dave call Benny we have lots of talks about this. Always talking bout setting up race bikes. Flattrack and roadracing. He got good friends at the Duc shop in Atlanta. Some badass bikes there. Benny was also roadracing last year and he's doing some flattrack this year. Building a Duc 350 single for it.

oilyracer blog said...

Ducati 749 2005 : 70 cm

Bastards said...

ZX-6R -09 710mm
ZX-10R -08 745mm
ZX-6R -11 725mm

All measured from centre of axle to top of triple tree.

StreetKORE said...

07-11 CBR600RR 28.5"
probably the shortest forks out there, due to the steped top clamp.

I work for a big 4 dealer, I'll get you some from the new stuff on the floor if you're after super current forks.

Most of the current stuff of the last 5 years and back is around 29-30" axle to top clamp. Honda is the oddball though. They've used that stepped top clamp for about 10 years now, which makes the forks the shortest of the bunch.

Chopperdave said...

Hey Streetkore! fuck yeah! i need a long one. Looking for a fully adjustable, radial brake fork thats somewhere near 31"

thanx bud!