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January 4, 2011


so, back in october, Brando and I went to Venice to a Plan 9 show. We met Jay and Pacman there as well.
Ok now first off I don't like most cover bands.
Plan 9 is a whole another breed of cover band. They are a REALLY FUCKIN GOOD Misfits cover band, and as you cant see the Misfits anymore, at least not the REAL misfits. GO SEE PLAN 9 they fuckin rule!!!
I was never a really big Misfits fan, I never saw them and I was a diehard Samhain fan. and besides, Glenn fuckin sucks now. Plan 9 puts on a killer show. They really do.

and when you go see Plan 9 you generally get the added bonus of seeing the one and only Annie Cruz gogo dancing her butt off!
as well as this night Coco Velvett came out to dance too!

Chris Apocalypse lays it down

Ok, so Paris kennedy was there too...

she was doing her best to incite a riot from the floor...

this guy is a ruler!

the Crowd loved it as usual!

Them gogo girls!
and more Paris


and Pacman with no idea what was going on behind him...
check em all out!


rockabillyjay said...

you went to a misfits show and didt call me...I hate you

Jason said...

dude I left way too early...J-