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January 11, 2011

Asphalt Gods.

so, in my mail today was Gabe Griffin's book Asphalt Gods.
holy shit this book is awesome. Its so hard to find the real deal when it comes to old bike club pictures.

Gabe's band the Heathens, has been playing around for years, but one day he got a call from a guy from The Heathens MF Vencie. Needless to say this book sprung out of the friendship Gabe made with the original member of the Heathens MF.
Go here: to get one!!!


Karl Thiecke said...

I remember the Heathens MF, when I lived in the South Bay back in the 70's and early 80's, they were everywhere, you could'nt swing a dead cat without hitting one, Good bunch of guys, and they always road good looking bikes.



Nice to hear nice words said about the family. I am the President of the England chapter over in the UK, the first chapter of the Heathens M/F outside of the U.S. We are hoping that buy our 40th birthday we are on three continents, with a chapter now here and one forming in Australia. Our National President Wizard wants to rebuild the club with the old values of riding and brotherhood and family, and hopefully do so peacefully. We just want to ride the piss out of our bikes until the roads run out!

England Chapter President