You learn from what's killing you.

December 7, 2010

Dec 7 The day that will live in Infamy.

Lets Never Forget.

USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, HI


Hero Garage said...

All the tattoo and "culture mags" and blogs and this is the only place I have seen anyone put up anything like this. Thanks.

Icon Motosports said...

As a proud USN veteran, I appreciate this post - thanks Dave.

Caterpillarnut said...

Only one comment after 4 days? That makes me sad. Dave, thanks for remembering!

rfsul said...

That's the USS Nimitz! I was a photographer on "The Boat" from 79 to 82. Great memories! All the bad memories just fade away until it's such a struggle to pull them back... why bother.
I was the Cruise Book editor one year and my second son was looking at the book a few years ago and pointed out that all the liberty pics had beer them.
I had never really noticed but Man the Navy brass must have bee pissed over that one!
Thanks for posting.

Motorod said...

This is my first time checking your site this week. Great to see this posted in remembrance of all those who lost their lives, 69 years ago, during the Pearl Harbor attack, and all those who served and sacrificed in WWII. My dad Raf was on the USS San Francisco (CA-38), and my grandfather Vic on the USS Detroit (CL-8).