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December 14, 2009

Cycle World show 2009

So, a bunch of us went to the Cycle World show last weekend, it was okay, obviously affected by the fuckin recession as a lot of companies werent there that we wanted to see, but anyway we had a good time...

the glory of Ducati

more Ducati Glory, with some exposed belts

Pretty Exhaust

the glorious KTM sportbike, badass motherfucker.

That Confederate thingamagig, the biggest girder on the planet, nice work, but why?

Triumph Drag bike dog!

Its all really about the Honda trail 70!

Okay these girls know how to party

More pretty exhaust

uhhh, blondes.

WOW, this chick was a doll!

This one was neat too!

RSD modified

Sorry Roland, but we just love to fuck with you!

This R1 is so fuckin badass



-|Giannis~SpeedJunkies|- said...

This RSD naked CBR looks Bad Ass....

bobx said...

what companies werent there?

Chopperdave said...

ktm and vanson, two we wanted to see, only the two KTM sportbikes were there.

bobx said...

tits o' plenty though!!!