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April 21, 2009

So, a couple of weeks ago I broke

the clutch cable on my TL1000s, and as it has dirt bike bars, a stock cable wont fit.

Enter Motion Pro as I needed a 4" over cable and they do custom cables, try it they rule.

So, the cable showed up today, and with it was a flyer for the neatest quick turn throttle assemble I have ever seen, I like quick turn throttles, they are fun but are a bit too sensitive for city riding.


4 different ratios!!!

Pretty fuckin cool, for those of us running 7/8" bars, I'm going to have to try it out...
Anyone tried it yet???


The Kurt said...

Gotta love a company that will make throttle cables that go from Honda Dirt bike throttle assembly to Harley carb!!

Anonymous said...

i have a couple on my desert sled/ grand prix bikes. it's like an ON/OFF switch. And the kid that makes the cables, "toby" cool kid.

SDJose said...

Rob Rouser uses one on his Sporty. I saw it at the Biltwell Bash. It has a good feel to it. He swears by it and I've thought of trying one as well.

Unknown said...

Motion Pro rocks. i've been running there stuff for a while on my 1200S. Toby is the man he always has the hook up for me when ever I call and need some special shit made. I love there quick twist throttles. They can match up anything and make it work.