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April 27, 2009

Bardahl Motorcycle!

Does anybody know anything about this bike???


billybox said...

Um. It says Honda on the clutch cover? It could be some privateer team that scored a sponsorship with a distributor in europe or something. Or it could be some big WSB team we've never heard of.

Giannis said...

It's a Honda Hornet 600 (Honda imported them here us as Honda 559)

Looks like this bike wears the race bodywork from the CUP SERIES, (they had race series with the same bikes in various countries, UK, France, Italy etc)

google "Honda Hornet Cup"

or check here

Giannis said...

Also Bardahl is Oil company in UK...

Giannis said...

nevermind about the UK oil comment, looks like started in Seattle..., But Bardahl is very popular in UK

Henrique Aires said...

This is a CBF 600 Hornet. In Brazil, we have the Copa Hornet, a category monomarca of Honda. The pilot of this baby is Doca, brazilian pilot, champion last year - see #1 - check this out : and
The photo was tacken in a brazilian mall, i'm pretty sure about that.

Dave, congrats bro!! Excelent job in the bikes, parts, photos and the blog, i check you blog every day! I ride a sporty, and love bikes!