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November 19, 2008

Another Contest!!!

first off...

JAKEMON! you never sent you address coz you won the first one!

send it!


5/16 - 24 thread no hex or allan insert on the bolt heads at all.

These parts were found in a parts drawer at Harley Davidson Westminster.
LOTS of interesting old parts hidden there...
I have NO IDEA what they are for, I have the part number, but I am not about to spend countless hours looking for a hardware number in a Harley parts book.

whoever says what they are and when I look em up and it is right will win something neat, not sure what yet, but something old in a HD package of some sort or vintage...

Goodf luck!


Markman said...

valve lash adjuster

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

I just sent you an E.


Charlie said...

"feet" for desks and work benches to level them out

A Pure Water Source said...

Clutch adjuster?