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May 21, 2008

Insane BMW riders...

So, I was up in downtown LA this afternoon and I wasn't done up there til 5ish, so there was traffic.
Yes I was on my TL, so I was ready for it.
I took the 110 to the 105
as soon as I got on the 105 I came up on a guy on a BMW riding two up.

he was hauling ass like a fuckin pro! Full on urban assault riding. It ruled.
We rode together, well, I trailed him all the way to my off-ramp off the 605
Oh yeah, he was riding the new bmw sport tourer, FAST!

i have also heard stories of guys riding in the rain, fast 85mph or so, an then getting passed by BMW guys riding well over a hundred in the fuckin rain!
So what happens when you buy one of these bikes?

You get sent to urban assault riding school or what?

Looked like that cept it was silver and going just over 100mph inbetween the carpool lane and the traffic lanes...


Anonymous said...

In Holland you can even get into urban assault riding school, on the classic beemers like my bobbed r90!

it rules

raviinla said...


ChopperDave, riding too fast in traffic.... some things never change!

At least the TL doesn't have highway pegs on it.