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January 29, 2008

Just found this pic of my '51 Pan taken in 1990!

This bike was the first bike i built for my self from the ground up. It had an insanely powerful 86" stroker pan motor that i could cruise at 100mph all day. It fuckin ruled. i wish that it hadn't gottten stolen in 1991. But when it did I had the top end off and those tanks that i cut up for my knuckle, same tanks. Does paucgho still make those Dago fishtails? They ruled too. You can't see from this pic but i was running the shifter in the gate on the left tank, it took a while but once i had it adjusted right you could fully slam gears with it when you shifted, so anyone that says you can't shift fast with a jockey lid never had it set up in the gate. that bike was so much fun. Fuckin bike thieves.

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billybox said...

So... is it a bobber? ;)