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March 25, 2010

Does anyone

who looks at my blog ride a trials bike? Like one of the new crazy ones like Julien Dupont rides?
very curious...


santa fe deli saturday! be there at noon!

its a good idea that this is saturday coz Jose picked up my last wooden airplane with rocket engines glued to it and the rubber band is broken. So it would be a bad saturday to have "fly the rocket assisted balsa wood airplane day"
So come on down and get a meatball or something, drive, run, walk, ride.
Nelson said its ok to rided a fixed gear bicycle, you can, but i'm 92% sure that 9-half will laugh at you.


9half said...

Won't make fun of girls on fixies ; )..

Good turn out today.. glad everyone came down.. nice day!

motorcycho said...

me got a 98 GasGas (and 82 Montesa and 72 Bultaco)
Now if I could only ride like that cat!

747 said...

i work at a dealership for gas gas and got a txt300 in my shop. some of the other boys at the shop compete and ride the shit out of em. purdy amazing to watch someone with skills.

Milo said...

yes, i do!