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March 26, 2010

The 66x Air Cleaner

People ask me what the story is behind my 66x air cleaner.
here it is.

When I was building my knuckle for the Horse Smoke Out Build off in '06 (Damn!) I wanted something clean and small that would work well with a Linkert carb, since I was running two of them. The Linkert is my all time favorite carb, they are beautiful all stock and beautiful polished or even chromed. I needed something small that wouldn't overpower it, but that would work.

The 66x was born, I cast my first two prototypes and these are the ones that were on my knuckle initially.
One I got the filter elements figured out (Big thanx to 9-Half and Tom at UNI!) I wanted to add just a little bit more. A few years prior, my good friend Erik Maaske (May he RIP) had drawn me some artwork that I use to this day, and I decided to rework the flags he drew for me into castable form for the air cleaner.

Thats pretty much how it happened. I am still making them to this day as well as a few new versions I will be sellin soon. I sell most of them for S&S E/G and CV carbs but I like the way they look best on a Linkert!

Oh yeah the 66x part is the number I ran when i raced in Ventura in '05.
Huge thanx to everyone who is running one and everyone who has one ordered!


By Hand and By Brain said...

I may need one, eh hem, for a certin sportster,
eh, hem...see you tmrw.

Ron Castaneda said...

Loved mine. Was the perfect size on a '82 ironhead chopper I did a few years ago. Was one of the first things people noticed. Nice piece Dave!

Steve said...

cant wait to get mine for my linkert! thanks for the story

grant said...

People ask more questions about your 3-legged 66x duck points cover on my shovel than the rest of the bike! said...

I NEED ONE TOO! i want it for my BFFAW!!
"BEST FRIENDS FOREVER ART WORK" collection, but i'll just bug you later.... cool little story though, thats a great part!

Cay Brøndum said...

Hey Dave - Look Forward to get my carb. How does it go with the production.


Cay - Copenhagen.