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August 20, 2009

Wayne Heads!

Anybody out there have any Wayne chevy 6 cylinder parts? Heads? Etc???

Let me know good buddy of mine is building a proper 6 cyl truck and needs some!



grant said...

good shit right there! Is it for Mark?

drsprocket said...

Dave, Check w/ Inliners International they have a registery for the GMC and Chevy 12 port heads. Not many were made, less around now. Bob Toros of Venolia pistons still has the Chevy blueprints. Arias son was supposed to be making new ones in aluminum up in Petuluma,Ca. I actual seen one. Rather expensive. Used to have a website with prices and such. Check w/Clifford Engineering, Langdon Stovebolt, or Patrick's too. My '49 bowtie p/u is running a 292 out to 296 w/honest 275 horse.

Anonymous said...

could be a tuff find if I read it correctly only 150 made?