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November 12, 2015

Flat Track is Back!!!

Even though it never really went away, it is finally getting some good coverage and interest going again.

So, maybe it will never quite be like the above pic ever again, but we are workin on it!

Lots of flat track goin on all over the country.  Good shit, more and more people are pickin it up and tryin it.
I'm super excited by it.
It's my favorite type of motorcycle racing.
Next weekend is the AMA final in Vegas on Friday on a short track indoors!
Should be KILLER!!!
Its at The Orleans Hotel, Nothing like watching the pros race on a short track, its like a fist fight in a phone booth, exact opposite of the Mile and Half Mile that are amazing as well.

Then on saturday is the 
With even more flat track that will be brodcast on NBC and in conjuction with Roland Sands Design we have:

It should be an AMAZING weekend of racing!!!

In the spirit of what has inspired all of this I dug out a bunch of random vintage flat track pics for you all as well.  Enjoy!


Bastard said...

Yup! Flat Track is a blast..Thanks for posting
the photos...

Max Paganetti said...
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